Why party in the usa
in the USA and Caribbean
in the USA and Caribbean
Why Party in the USA Why Party in the Caribbean
Compare OksanaLove Get-Together Dating Parties to making a trip to Russia or Ukraine to meet same quality women.
OksanaLove Get-Together parties in the USA and Caribbean are one of a kind. We are THE ONLY company in the whole international dating industry that hosts introductions parties in the USA with local gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian women.
There are some companies that host dating parties overseas in countries like Ukraine and Russia, so below is the comparessing to those parties if you were go overseas to meet women there.


Party in the USA

4 Day
Overseas Travel on your own

International Airfare
Taxi services/
Car rental

$20 $700Travel on your own: To meet women you would need to get to a restaurant or convenient place for them. Taxi drivers in Ukraine will jack up their prices at least 5-10 times as soon as they hear you are a foreigner. You end up spending more money than any local person would: Min $150/day with your 4-day stay overseas, plus your airport transportation.
OL Get-Together Party: One-day car rental. And even if you decide to you stay at the city of the party for 4 days to have more time with women it will be only $80 total.
Hotel Accommodations $100 $800Travel on your own: The lowest priced hotels that suitable for foreigners would cost you at least $200/night.
OL Get-Together Party: You only need one day to meet all the women at the party.
Party Investment $1169 $1200Travel on your own: Dating parties organized by dating agency in the Ukraine or Russia. Be prepared to sort through ton of girls where 90% of them are not even serious about meeting a foreign man and they are there just for food, dancing and expensive gifts that can extort out of foreigners.
OL Get-Together Party: All girls are hand-picked, only the most serious and USA based or visiting women, all of them at in one place at the party. Women are successful at their careers and have stable lives in the USA. They came there to meet a special man for the relationship, to fall in love and find perfect connection with someone special.
Taking women out $0 $1000Travel on your own: Restaurants, night clubs, entertainment: min $250/day
OL Get-Together Party: All your food, drinks, entertainment is included.
TOTAL EXPENCES$1289$5,300Travel on your own: Plus, dont forget about the fact that you will need to apply for a fiancée visa to bring your woman from overseas, so add $3000 for the lawyer fees and 7-10 month of the wait time until she even can get to the USA.
OL Get-Together Party: All women are USA-based and you dont need to apply for the fiancée visa. They are already here locally.
Personal matchmaking during the partyOksanaLoves certified matchmakers will be working with you and be there for you at the party to answer all your questions about the women. Please, note: our matchmakers know all our women very well and will be happy to advise you about their backgrounds
Overseas dating agency:NEVER provides personal matchmaking to the party attendees. So, you are surrounded by all these women who dont speak English, with no advice on who is better match for you or any guidance or help with the women.
Post-Party MatchmakingOksanaLovescertified matchmakers will get feedback from the women at the party about their future interest in you. You will be scheduled a 1 1,5-hour matchmaking session the next day to get all the feedback, so you know which women you want to pursue further.
Overseas dating agency: NEVER provides post-matchmaking after the parties. You are on your own in a jungle of unknown.
INVESTED and COMMITED womenOksanaLove: The women you meet at the Get-Together Party are consist of women who currently live in the USA and also women who are attending our LOVE TOUR These women (whether in the USA or Caribbean) paid for their own Airfare to get there. For some women it is a year worth of saved up salary. So, you can be 100% sure that women really have skin in the game.
Overseas dating agency: dont make women invest into their opportunity to meet their man, therefore women care less whether they meet someone or not.
Women who easily adapt and relocate - GUARANTEEDOksanaLove: All women attending our get-together party had to travel thousands of miles to the unknown to them country: USA or Dominican Republic (either for this party or previously in their life to create their life there), to the unknown to them culture with the foreign language. These women already had proven to be NOT afraid of the relocation to the new place, they have already crossed the ocean for you and they already proved that they are up for any challenges that come with any new opportunity.
Overseas dating agency: will introduce you to the women in the comfort of their own home, with familiar language and culture. These women have no clue of the challenges ahead and whether or not they will be able to leave their families and friends behind when the time comes to relocate to your country. Many times these women would get cold feet right before their travel to your country or get huge disappointment when they finally get here. Many women choose to stay in their country or return back home. You only will know when you invested ton of money, time and emotions.
Luxury private villa for the PartyOksanaLove: hosts its Get-Together Party in the private and luxury multi-million-dollar ocean front villas. Our party attendees experience top class luxury surrounding in such a way that you spend lots of time with the most gorgeous women in most convenient conditions.
Overseas dating agency: Will put you in a loud night club with limited possibility to talk to women. Most likely you will just sit around and watch girls dancing and hanging out in the groups by themselves, getting drunk and partying by themselves.
Party program designed to help you connect FASTER with the womenOksanaLove: Dating parties are designed in such a way that helps you connect much quicker with all the ladies at the party.
- Speed- Dating: excellent ice-breaker and the best way to connect with women, get to know them and introduce yourself.
- Gourmet Dinner: helps you continue with building connections and fun communication
- Suggestive and fun games bring the spotlight of attention to you and help you interact with ladies with joy and lots of fun.
- Bikini party: help you see the ladies in all their beauty and interact more with the ones you like the best.
- Romantic and quiet areas and setting help you to develop that great connection with that special lady.

Overseas dating agency: offer absolutely nothing to help you connect with women of the foreign culture and completely different language. You are on your own figure it out. Good luck. You will need lots of it.
SafetyOksanaLove: would never place you in a country with uncertain political situation. All our parties are hosted either on the territory of the USA or in a nearby country such as Dominican Republic or Mexico, which are only 1-hour flight from your home.
Overseas dating agency: You will be going to the countriy with shaky political situation and where Americans are hated by masses of people and where even citizens of their own country are being killed for nothing, needless to say it is very dangerous for foreigners to be there. The wars start at the blink of the eye, so what are you going to do if that happens right in the city and time while you are in that country? Pray? Hide? Run? Where?
Take women straight to your homeOksanaLove: brings women from Russia and Ukraine, who have open tourist USA visas (or to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic visa free zone). All women who are attending our USA parties have open USA tourist visas. Plus, women who live here in the USA. So, when you meet your sweetheart at our party and you decide to be together, you can take your lady with you to experience the life together.
Overseas dating agency: will introduce you to local Ukrainian women in Ukraine and if you find connection with someone, you will need to apply for a fiancée visa for this woman, which can take up to 12 months to get approved. Plus, remember ton of legal paperwork that needs to be collected for this fiancée visa. During the whole wait time of the fiancée visa process a woman has to reside in her country and wait for her interview. Who wants to stay without his woman by his side for 12 months?
Forget about 40 hours of flying and exhausting jetlagOksanaLove: hosts its parties in the USA or Caribbean (1-hour flight from the USA). You arrive fresh and ready to go straight for love, introductions and connections. Jump on the flight or drive straight to the party destination in Florida (if youre in that area), have fun, meet your special someone and go straight to your business few days later with the love of your life by your side. Again, fresh, without jetlag and no long flights or no flights at all.
Overseas dating agency: On average each flight to get to Ukraine or Russia can take minimum of 15 hours from the time you leave your home. And to reach some parts of Russia it can take up to 48 hours one way. So, you will be wasting DAYS on just exhausting flights. Who has time or desire for that? Plus, add the jetlag, and a day or two for the recovery. You will be at 4-5 days of wasted time just for travel and recovery. Almost a week of wasted time, strength and ton of frustration.

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 Tom :
Thank you for having me at your party, I had fun, little bit of sensory overloaded but an experience I will never forget.
Thanks again for being a fantastic host
 Sean :
I met a great woman in Kiev on another website and I think she would benefit more with oksana. How can I persuade her to come to this website?
 Pascal Martinez :
What date in February is the love tour in Sacramento?
 Noah wotila :
What do I need to do to attend the Sacramento dating party?
 Billoe :
I cant seem to registerer my acount
 Steven :
I love to do this ,
 maximo :
dear oki, wich girls are in punta cana now, please let me know
 maximo :
hi oki, i want to marriage a girl, but and interesting and excluvive one, great body, well educated, open minde and between 18 to 25 +1 849 209 2007 kiss
 Leon :
Oksana... just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your event. You and your team did a wonderful job. Anna is really great!! There were many quality ladies there and it was a positive experience. You looked gorgeous (and tall 😄) by the way!
 Tom :
Just subscribed to your service Miss Oksana. I am very much looking forward to working with my matchmaker. I would like to thank you for offering such a wonderful service. Really seen some nice profiles of some great ladies. Can not wait to get started meeting some of them.
 Michael Winters :
 Dale :
I also don't see an invitation, nor have any idea where I'm supposed to go once I get to LA, and my flight leaves in the morning
 wesley siegel :
I can't find my invitation to the party with the address info.
 Gary :
Does anybody ever have trouble reading a letter they might have got or had trouble viewing a picture
 Michael Winters :
 Oksana Boichenko :
Hello, Bob. Yes, absolutely. Please, contact my assistant Irina at so she can confirm your attendance. See you soon Bob
 Bob Womack :
As a subscriber to the 90 day Transformation program, I would like to know if I am eligible to attend the party on April 6th. Please advise asap!
 dante :
hello, can you tell me more about the party.

thank you
 Peter :
Hi Oksana
Sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye sat night. That was some party, great job! So many beautiful women. I think there was some interest from ladies, but since I had to leave early, I didn't have a chance to discuss that with any of the matchmakers. Thanks for having me
 Eugene :
Hi, Oksana, just wanted to say thanks. I found a girl. I took her out right away about 8 p.m. and we spent together 3 followed days full of joy and fun. Now she is planning to come to Chicago for more time and then we will see what is next. I want to thank you for a wonderful event, I wish I would have attended sooner. Thank for helping me to meet my dream girl.
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