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June (date to be determine)

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COLLAPSE VIP PARTY ITINERARY - CLICK HEREDate: June (date to be determine)


Dress code: FORMAL: Suit and Tie.

Look your 100%. Remember, the first impression happens only once.

Party Schedule: (Please be on time)

4.00 PM Start of the Event
Welcome glass of champagne.
Quick overview by the matchmakers of what to expect and how many Speed-Dating and the whole party to be most resultative. Dating advice and guidance.

4.30 PM - Let the party begin! More champagne, meet and greet the ladies!
Notes from Oksana: Make sure to look your 100%. Formal attire is the way to go

4.40 PM - Speed dating event. Get to talk to all women one-by-one and introduce yourself.
Notes from Oksana: Make sure to bring cards with you with your name, photo on it and your contact details. Because you will be getting to know lots of women, it will be hard to remember whose phone number belongs to whom, so having your photo on your card will come in handy

7 PM - Post speed-dating wine party. Enjoy a glass of wine, talk to women you just met and start building connections.
Notes from Oksana: To ease up your conversation, reflect back to your speed-dating conversation with the lady and expand what she mentioned during that conversation about herself

7.30 PM - Gourmet dinner served by our private chef.
Notes from Oksana: Make sure to show your manners and offer to make a plate for the women you started talking with. While we will have servants, it is always more pleasant for a woman to get a token of attention from the man she just met.

8.30 PM Suggestive games and lots of fun
Notes from Oksana: Make sure to actively participate because this is the way to bring the spotlight to yourself.

9.15 PM 11 PM More getting to know the ladies
Notes from Oksana: Make sure to talk to all the women who sparked your interest, dont be shy. Dont focus on just one woman, but give yourself a time frame to speak with every one of your liking. Feel free to use our private areas inside and around the house for quieter and more intimate time.

11.00 PM - the End of the Regular party
Notes from Oksana: Put all collected phone numbers of the ladies in a safe place and plan with your matchmaker your next day of private dates with your favorite women you just met.

Important note from Oksana: I am encouraging all my dating party members to talk and be open-minded about communication with all women, no matter the looks, no matter the age, no matter the potential chemistry and here is why:

You have to remember that every woman of any age most likely has friends, sisters, daughters, cousins, mother and if you introduce yourself properly and will hold yourself with the respect to the woman, even though she is not 100% match for you this woman will most likely introduce you to the women that she knows.

Russian community is very tight and I promise you, every girl and woman who is attending our party has at least 10 20 single friends or acquaintances in her circle.

Let me tell you a real story, that had happened at one of my parties.

One of my clients who was 25 years old, a very kind and nice gentleman, very respectful. He held himself with respect to every woman, no matter the age. One of such women was a 50-year-old, who liked this young boy and became quite adored of him.

A few hours later this womans daughter came to pick her mom up from the party. While a girl was not an OksanaLove member, this woman dragged her daughter right into the party and introduced these two young people. Since the moment these two had met, they spent the whole evening together. And many more after that.

So, you never know WHO you might be talking to and it could be that the cupid put this woman in front of you because she is the one who will introduce you to your future love.

We at OksanaLove strongly believe that everything in this life happens for a reason, even the people that you meet they come into your life for a reason. Nothing in this life happens without a reason. So, cherish every moment and every person who is sent to you into your life if you wish to achieve great success in any areas of your life.

Lots of love and EVEN MORE opportunities to you!

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 Tom :
Thank you for having me at your party, I had fun, little bit of sensory overloaded but an experience I will never forget.
Thanks again for being a fantastic host
 Sean :
I met a great woman in Kiev on another website and I think she would benefit more with oksana. How can I persuade her to come to this website?
 Pascal Martinez :
What date in February is the love tour in Sacramento?
 Noah wotila :
What do I need to do to attend the Sacramento dating party?
 Billoe :
I cant seem to registerer my acount
 Steven :
I love to do this ,
 maximo :
dear oki, wich girls are in punta cana now, please let me know
 maximo :
hi oki, i want to marriage a girl, but and interesting and excluvive one, great body, well educated, open minde and between 18 to 25 +1 849 209 2007 kiss
 Leon :
Oksana... just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your event. You and your team did a wonderful job. Anna is really great!! There were many quality ladies there and it was a positive experience. You looked gorgeous (and tall 😄) by the way!
 Tom :
Just subscribed to your service Miss Oksana. I am very much looking forward to working with my matchmaker. I would like to thank you for offering such a wonderful service. Really seen some nice profiles of some great ladies. Can not wait to get started meeting some of them.
 Michael Winters :
 Dale :
I also don't see an invitation, nor have any idea where I'm supposed to go once I get to LA, and my flight leaves in the morning
 wesley siegel :
I can't find my invitation to the party with the address info.
 Gary :
Does anybody ever have trouble reading a letter they might have got or had trouble viewing a picture
 Michael Winters :
 Oksana Boichenko :
Hello, Bob. Yes, absolutely. Please, contact my assistant Irina at so she can confirm your attendance. See you soon Bob
 Bob Womack :
As a subscriber to the 90 day Transformation program, I would like to know if I am eligible to attend the party on April 6th. Please advise asap!
 dante :
hello, can you tell me more about the party.

thank you
 Peter :
Hi Oksana
Sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye sat night. That was some party, great job! So many beautiful women. I think there was some interest from ladies, but since I had to leave early, I didn't have a chance to discuss that with any of the matchmakers. Thanks for having me
 Eugene :
Hi, Oksana, just wanted to say thanks. I found a girl. I took her out right away about 8 p.m. and we spent together 3 followed days full of joy and fun. Now she is planning to come to Chicago for more time and then we will see what is next. I want to thank you for a wonderful event, I wish I would have attended sooner. Thank for helping me to meet my dream girl.
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