SAQ (Should ask questions)
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SAQ (Should Ask Questions) :

How do I know that these women are relationship-ready?

Women you meet at the Love Tour are all relationship-ready and marriage-minded and here is how they proved it:

All women attending Love Tours are paying for their own airline tickets for flights originating from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries. For some women it is a year worth of saved up salary!

Some women you meet at the Love Tour are members of our VIP program and have invested several thousand dollars into their programs and their Airline tickets. Normally women of these programs are successful business ladies with substantial income.

Additionally, to the Airline ticket the women you meet at the USA Love Tour had to invest into receiving their tourist USA visas. They had to go through extensive interview process at the USA embassy in order to be approved to such visa.

Some women you meet at the Love Tour had to quit their jobs in order to attend (due to the length of their tour they were not approved for vacation time). These women are that committed to meeting their love and move into the new country with the man of their dreams that they have left everything to give you an opportunity to meet them easily (without you making a lengthy trip to their country). So, you can be certain that the women you meet at our Love Villa are 100% committed to their search of the man of their dreams.

All these women had to go through extensive prescreening and interviewing process by our agency. The interview process consists of such components as: an absolute outstanding beauty and excellent physical shape, an absolute positive attitude and easy-going and drama-free personality, complete readiness for the relationship with the foreign man, willingness to learn and get education on successful relationship building with a foreign man, English learning, culture and new country adjustment.

You can be certain that all women at our Love Tour will not let an opportunity for a relationship with you to slip away. Quite the opposite: all these women will be competing for your attention and love.

Can women travel within the USA?
The women you meet at our Love Tour in the USA are holders of the USA tourist visas, which allows them to travel anywhere within the USA. So, should your relationship develop during the Love Tour, you can certainly invite your woman to visit you at your home.

Can women speak English?
Some women speak fluent English and some women are taking classes. All women are required to take English classes for at least 2 months prior to joining the tour and gain at least basic level of English. In most cases you will not have a problem communicating with the ladies, but you also will have your matchmaker at the tour the entire time to help with some of the advance translation.
Some women at our Love tour also speak Spanish and other languages.

Can I talk to women PRIOR to meeting them at the Love Tour?
As soon as you register for the Love Tour, your dedicated matchmaker will start matching you up and introducing you to the ladies who you are interested in, so you can start building communication, connections and meet women who established connection with. So, this way you are not meeting just strangers, but you are meeting the whole group of at least good friends who are eager to take your communication to the next level – establish much, MUCH closer connection.

Will I have a dedicated matchmaker or are these group matchmaking sessions?
You will have two matchmakers working for you:

1st Matchmaker is PRIOR to you going on a Love Tour. This matchmaker’s job is to help introduce you to your ideal matches and help you establish communication, connection and start building relationships with the ladies. You will be introduced to lots of women via video dates, so you can see them and talk to them. Your matchmaker will be with you the entire time during video calls, she will be getting feedback from ladies after your calls and will be helping you with getting higher results and creating stronger connections with the ladies.

2nd Matchmaker will be working with you during your Love Tour. She is an on-site matchmaker and will be there to help you establish better connections with the “villa” ladies in-person. She will be the one scheduling additional dates for you and “non-villa” ladies (the ones who live in the area) as well as additional video dates with additional ladies and ladies you meet at the “Double the fun” dinner and “Get-Together Party”.

So, you will have the whole team of certified and highly qualified matchmakers working with you delivering you the results you want with the ladies.

I am interested in a woman from your site, but she might not have the funds to pay for her Airline ticket. Can I still invite her to meet me at the tour?
Yes, absolutely! You can invite any woman you want from our site and you can help her to purchase her airline ticket or you can offer her to split the cost. Your girl will be staying at our villa together with other tour ladies for your easy access to each other and she can move in with you into your room when you both feel ready.
Please, remember that other 18 women will be at our villa the entire time, plus upwards of 50 ladies at the “Party Night” and/or 10 – 12 additional women for the “Double your fun” dinner night, so you are not obligated to spend the time just with just the women you invited, there will be plenty of other ladies to choose from, connect and find love.

Can I invite a girl to meet me at your tour, who is not from your site?
Yes, absolutely! In this case you can also purchase an airline ticket for her or split the cost with your chosen lady. Your girl will be staying at our villa together with other tour ladies for your easy access to each other and she can move in with you into your room when you both feel ready.
Please, remember that other 18 women will be at our villa the entire time, plus upwards of 50 ladies at the “Party Night” and/or 10 – 12 additional women for the “Double your fun” dinner night, so you are not obligated to spend the time just with just the women you invited, there will be plenty of other ladies to choose from, connect and find love.

Can I meet your ladies without taking the “Love Tour”?
You can join our famous Get-Together Dating parties in the USA (Palm Beach, Florida), or Caribbean (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) to meet all the “villa” and “non-villa” ladies. We normally have upwards of 50 ladies joining these events and women are traveling from all over the country to attend.


Do women have to pay for their accommodations, food and necessities while staying at the villa?
No, women do NOT pay for their accommodations at the villa, nor for their food, drinks, entertainments programs, etc. These expenses are covered by OksanaLove entirely. The only investment we require women to make is to purchase their Airline tickets to get to the tour destination. We understand that for most women it was already a significant investment into their Airfare and we understand that many women are incapable to afford to invest any more.

What will I do at the villa?
You have absolutely nothing to worry about how to entertain yourself or the ladies – we’ve got it fully covered for you. Your tour is an action-packed adventure. Your whole tour program is prepared in such a way that helps you connect faster and better with the ladies.
1. Daily matchmaking sessions
2. Daily introductions to the non-villa ladies
3. 18 women around you at the villa full time to meet, date and connect
4. “Double the fun” dinner
5. Get-Together dating party
6. Sensual Massage class, where you will learn and practice your skills right on the lady you like
7. Dance class – the best way to connect with the ladies
8. Your own massage sessions provided for you by our masseuse
9. Cooking Class – the best way to unite with the ladies
10. Pool Bikini parties daily with margaritas, Pina Coladas and more
11. Casino Night at the Love Villa: play for chips, hugs, kisses or…
12. “Russian Night” – ladies cook, entertain and lots of vodka and seduction the Russian style
13. Team Pictionary played with the ladies
14. Ocean, Waterfall Jacuzzi, swimming pool, wine, champagne, all-inclusive gourmet food and ladies… lots of ladies

You will be a very, very busy man ☺

What additional expenses will I have?
You will have absolutely NO additional expenses. Your Love Tour is all-inclusive package:
Airport – Villa – Airport Transportation – provided
Driver – on-site available
Gourmet Food – included
Alcoholic Drinks – included
Non-Alcoholic drinks - included
Entertainment – included
Everything and all activities at the villa are included, you have nothing to worry about.

There are only couple of things if you choose to do that would require you to cover additionally, such as if you choose to rent a yacht to take your lady to the ocean romantic ride, or if you choose to go to the night club or out of villa restaurant (I don’t see a reason why you would want to but if you…), these are just some additional activities that would require you to cover the cost if you choose to do them.

All places in all countries where we host our tours (USA and Caribbean) accept credit cards and have ATM’s, therefore you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash with you.

Is this a sex tour?
No, this is a Love Tour and it is for you only if you wish to meet the love of your life, therefore NO woman is obligated to provide sexual services to you. If you are looking for sex arrangements – you need to look somewhere else.

However, these tours are for the adults and should you feel a connection with a woman, and both of you decide to take your relationship to the next level – this choice is totally up to both of you :-)

One thing to keep in mind, all the women you meet at the Love Tour are very committed and relationship-ready, so it certainly will be 10 times easier to start a relationship with them vs. any woman in your own country, but you still will need to use your charming personality to make them fall in love with you.

Am I obligated to pick one woman on this trip and get engaged?
It is your choice whether you want to get engaged on your trip or you just want to meet the maximum number of the most gorgeous ladies and start building relationships with them – your matchmakers will accommodate you regardless of your goals and they will help you make it happen.

However, if you strongly believe that you met THE ONE and want to go ahead to propose and ask her to be your fiancée, – we will be happy to organize a surprise engagement party for you.

We will even give you some of the most romantic ideas on how to propose to your girl! What could be more memorable than a proposal in a romantic tropical paradise!

Refund Policy. Can I get a refund if I meet my true love PRIOR to arriving to the villa?
We do not offer any refunds, all sales of your tours are final.

BUT If it happens that you met your dream woman prior to arriving to the villa with your tour, that only means that our matchmakers did an incredible job by finding you a perfect match very fast.

As you know, you will have your personal matchmaker start matching you up with the ladies and introducing you to the ladies as soon as you register for the tour and it is very likely that she introduces you to the perfect match BEFORE the time comes to arrive for your tour.

While your tour is non-refundable, but In case of such a fantastic occurrence there are several options what could be done:

1. You can transfer your tour (gift it) to a friend. There will be $400.00 transfer fee associated with this transfer. So, your friend can attend the love tour instead of you.

2. You can choose to take "couples vacations" instead, which will be happening right after the "singles vacations" are over. We are extending our villa for 5 more days and only couples will be allowed in those 5 days. You will have full itinerary of activities included, you will have accommodations, all food and all drinks, as well as relationship consultant on-site to help you start your relationship off the right track. You might even want to propose to your sweetheart right there! What could be more romantic than a marriage proposal in the most magnificent place surrounded by love and romance! We promise you that you both will never forget this special moment and you really can NOT find a better place to start your relationship as an "official couple" :-)

How many women will I meet at the Love Tour?
You will meet 20 – 40 ladies PRIOR to your tour (as soon as you enroll, your matchmaker will start introducing you to the ladies), who you will be introduced to via video dates by your first matchmaker. She certainly can introduce you to more women if you wish, if you believe you can handle that many connections. She will help you “filter women out” by sharing the “deep inside information” on the ladies, which we collect on each woman in our agency.

So, at minimum you will be introduced to 20 – 40 ladies PRIOR to your tour.

PLUS, you will meet additional women during the tour:
18 ladies that reside at the villa with you
Upwards of 50 ladies during the “Get-Together Dating Party” – For VIP Exclusive Love Tour participants
10 – 12 girls at the “Double The Fun” dinner
+ Unlimited “non-villa” women (any number of women from our entire database) to be introduced to you by your second matchmaker while you are at the villa.

So at minimum you will meet 60 – 80 women during your VIP Exclusive tour

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 Tom :
Thank you for having me at your party, I had fun, little bit of sensory overloaded but an experience I will never forget.
Thanks again for being a fantastic host
 Sean :
I met a great woman in Kiev on another website and I think she would benefit more with oksana. How can I persuade her to come to this website?
 Pascal Martinez :
What date in February is the love tour in Sacramento?
 Noah wotila :
What do I need to do to attend the Sacramento dating party?
 Billoe :
I cant seem to registerer my acount
 Steven :
I love to do this ,
 maximo :
dear oki, wich girls are in punta cana now, please let me know
 maximo :
hi oki, i want to marriage a girl, but and interesting and excluvive one, great body, well educated, open minde and between 18 to 25 +1 849 209 2007 kiss
 Leon :
Oksana... just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your event. You and your team did a wonderful job. Anna is really great!! There were many quality ladies there and it was a positive experience. You looked gorgeous (and tall 😄) by the way!
 Tom :
Just subscribed to your service Miss Oksana. I am very much looking forward to working with my matchmaker. I would like to thank you for offering such a wonderful service. Really seen some nice profiles of some great ladies. Can not wait to get started meeting some of them.
 Michael Winters :
 Dale :
I also don't see an invitation, nor have any idea where I'm supposed to go once I get to LA, and my flight leaves in the morning
 wesley siegel :
I can't find my invitation to the party with the address info.
 Gary :
Does anybody ever have trouble reading a letter they might have got or had trouble viewing a picture
 Michael Winters :
 Oksana Boichenko :
Hello, Bob. Yes, absolutely. Please, contact my assistant Irina at so she can confirm your attendance. See you soon Bob
 Bob Womack :
As a subscriber to the 90 day Transformation program, I would like to know if I am eligible to attend the party on April 6th. Please advise asap!
 dante :
hello, can you tell me more about the party.

thank you
 Peter :
Hi Oksana
Sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye sat night. That was some party, great job! So many beautiful women. I think there was some interest from ladies, but since I had to leave early, I didn't have a chance to discuss that with any of the matchmakers. Thanks for having me
 Eugene :
Hi, Oksana, just wanted to say thanks. I found a girl. I took her out right away about 8 p.m. and we spent together 3 followed days full of joy and fun. Now she is planning to come to Chicago for more time and then we will see what is next. I want to thank you for a wonderful event, I wish I would have attended sooner. Thank for helping me to meet my dream girl.
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