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Don't let your emails get blocked!

Click on your email provider below to ensure they don't block emails sent to you by other members.
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STEP ONE: Never hit the "Report Spam" button (figure 1). Hitting this button may prevent you from getting email from all members who contact you.

figure 1

If you hit the "Report Spam" button by mistake, please take the following steps to make sure you continue to get your email.

  • Access the "Spam Folder" in the lower right-hand corner of your mailbox.
  • Click on the email that you mistakenly reported as spam in the spam folder (figure 2).
  • Click on the "This is not Spam" button at the bottom of the spam folder.

figure 2

Please complete these simple steps to make sure you receive all emails.

STEP TWO: Add email addresses to your AOL Email Address Book.

  • Starting from your AOL Homepage,
  • Under Mail in top left corner, click Read
  • Under Mail Options pull down to Address Book
  • Click Add
  • Under Primary Email Address, select other email, then type
    (figure 3)
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the previous three steps, also adding

  • Emails from these addresses will go to your AOL Inbox.

figure 3

STEP THREE: Make sure emails sent to you by OKSANALOVE.COM MEMBERS are not automatically deleted.

  • Under Mail Options pull down to "Block Unwanted Mail"
  • Choose one of the filters under "Control Who I Get Email From"
We recommend you leave the setting at "Allow mail from all senders." No other action is required.

If you choose anything OTHER THAN "Allow mail from all senders," follow these additional instructions:

  • Under "Blocked mail should be" select "Delivered to Spam Folder" (figure 4)
  • Click Save
ALL emails sent to you by other members will go into your "Spam Folder" INSTEAD OF your Inbox.
Please note: This is only recommended if you choose any setting other than "Allow mail from all senders."

figure 4 email may contain pictures of people you've expressed interest in learning about. Make certain that you click "Yes" ( figure 5) to see mail from

figure 5

If images do not appear in your email click the "Show images & enable links" ( figure 6) at the top of your mail.

figure 6
Please contact the Customer Care team if you have any problems or questions.
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