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Don't let your emails get blocked!

Click on your email provider below to ensure they don't block emails sent to you by other members.
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STEP ONE: Never hit the "Spam" button when either viewing or marking the checkbox next to a email (figure 1). Hitting this button may prevent you from receiving email from all members who contact you not just the individual email that you may not wish to view.

figure 1

Please complete the simple steps below to make sure the emails you've requested are delivered to your Yahoo! Mail Inbox.

Add email addresses to your Address Book:

Starting from your Yahoo! Mail Inbox
  • Select the Addresses tab at the top of the screen
  • Select Add Contact
  • In the space next to "Email" type:
    (It is not necessary to fill in the rest of the form) (figure 2)
  • Click Save Contact
  • Click Done
  • Repeat the previous four steps, adding:
This will NOT guarantee that email sent to you from other members will be delivered to your Inbox. Please check your Bulk Mail folder regularly for email from members interested in you.

figure 2
Please contact the Customer Care team if you have any problems or questions.
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