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(Value*: the actual price of the product if purchased separately not as part of membership)
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Services (Matchmaking)
provided by Oksana Boichenko the owner of OksanaLove and matchmaker with 25 years of experience
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Hourly matchmaking
Matchmaking consulting hours are used for the things like: promotion of you, forming list of ideal matches, arranging introductions with the ones you want to meet, relationship and couples consulting. Each step requires a number of hours. Your matchmaker will set the individual plan of work with you based on your individual needs. Example of where consulting hours could be used: Video interview-promotion of you that captures women attention ( 2 -2,5 hours). Choosing ideal matches (our matchmakers know all of our women) - 1 hour needed. Preparing your woman for easy adjustment to the country, new life, making sure your relationship is solid, loving, passionate and prospering. Allocation of private speed dating room during Love Festival. Individual video-introductions and in-person dates arrangements with the ladies (30 min each), collecting feedback from the ladies after the video-date with you or in-person date. Couples consulting (depends on the case), etc

Value*: standard members are paying $200/hour. On average it is needed around 30 - 40 hours for each member to get him from point A all the way to the successful relationship Value: $8,000.00 - $20,000
But Really the Value* is: PRICELESS HERE
$200/Hour2192 (-3
12 Hours
2192 (-3
40 Hours
2192 (-3
80 Hours
2192 (-3
Email communication on the site
If you were to pay for each letter separate as a standard member (non-program, you would be paying $10.00/letter). Value*: $500.00 - $4,000
$3 - $10/letter 2192 (-3
100 letters
2192 (-3
400 letters
2192 (-3
800 letters
2192 (-3
Direct contact details of the ladies
(womans direct contact details during video-date)
Value*: non-members have to purchase contacts: 10 contacts X $350 = $3500.00
Available through Date Offer service (purchase contact details)
$250 - $450/contact
2192 (-32192 (-32192 (-32192 (-3
Full access to over 10,000 photos
Value*: standard members have to pay $0.99 - $10 per each photo. 10000 photos X $.99 = $9,990
$0.99 - $10 per each photo2192 (-32192 (-32192 (-32192 (-3
Full access to over 1000 videos
Value*: Standard members have to pay $7.99 $39.99 per each video. 1000 videos X $7.99 = $7990
$7.99 $39.99 per each video2192 (-32192 (-32192 (-32192 (-3
Russian English translation
Letters, phone conversations, video and in-person
Letter Translation included.
No video-dates included.
2192 (-32192 (-32192 (-32192 (-3
OKSANALOVE E-Learning Video- Modules
Courses in dating and courting to get the woman of your dreams.
Value*: Each program is sold at $597.
Total Value: $1791
$197 - $597
Per each Module
2192 (-32192 (-32192 (-32192 (-3
Online (Virtual) Speed-Dating
Meet 80 100 Hand- Picked Women. Many women are from USA or with USA visas.
3 minutes each video-date: Get to know, Connect, Flirt, Exchange Direct Contact details. Connect from the comfort of your home on any electronic device. No need to travel anywhere.
$800.002192 (-3
2 Virtual Speed Dating
2192 (-3
Up to 3 Virtual Speed-Dating Events
Any extra is 2 consulting hours deducted from your program
2192 (-3
Up to 6 Virtual Speed-Dating Events
Any extra is 2 consulting hours deducted from your program
2192 (-3
Love Tours in USA or Caribbean (No accommodations at the love villa)
All-Inclusive Access to the Love Tour: food, drinks, massages and casino night, Russian night and dancing with dozens of women who arrived from overseas specifically to meet you. With help from our matchmakers most of our clients meet their ideal woman on these tours and the best part is: you dont need to travel to Russia or Ukraine, because we brought Russia to you!
View Love Tours information
Value*: Standard members pay $5,290.00 for each Love Tour.
$5,290.00X not included - 1
40% Program Member Discount from $5,290.00
Just $3,174.00
2192 (-3
1 Love Tour
2192 (-3
2 Love Tours
2192 (-3
Virtual Love Tour Extravaganza
1 Months of Love: Combo of 2 Online Speed Dating events + 2 Virtual love tours (each tour is 3 days).
Fun way of meeting ladies, group activities that help her and you completely open up, Miss Ideal woman and Mr. Ideal Man competition, Match-Up game, Cooking competition between women (what can she make you for breakfast out of eggs, bacon, champagne and whip cream and she needs to demonstrate) girls use imagination in hunt for a prize and you be a judge. PLUS throughout the love tours unlimited work with the matchmakers: matching up, blending you in as partners, building your ideal relationship to start a new relationship with the woman of your dreams during or right after the love tour. Women participating: only USA based women + any women you want to invite from database to build ideal relationships with.
$3690.00X not included - 1
40% Program Member Discount from $3690.00
Just $2,214.00
2192 (-3
1 Included
2192 (-3
2 Included
2192 (-3
over $20,000

over $30,000

over $40,000

over $55,000

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