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 Oksana Boichenko :
Tim, congratulations on your enrollment. Excellent choice.
Please, check your email - you been sent instructions and your membership was activated.
Yes, tomorrow we will be allocating you a matchmaker and she will start introducing you to the ladies, so you get to talk to the women before your tour and start building relationships with them.
Congratulations once again.
Pleasure is all ours and we are the ONES who are looking forward to get you in touch with the ladies.
Will give you a call tomorrow.
 Tim J :
Oksana, it was nice talking with you today. Thank you for answering all of my questions about your exciting tours.
I just want to give you an update: I just got registered! Can't wait to meet the women at the tour. You said I get to work with your matchmaker as soon as I register? She will get me in touch with the women on video, right?
I just want to say thanks for the opportunity to work with your company, having your matchmaker help me meet an outstanding girl.
You are the best!
 Oksana Boichenko :
Thank you very much for all feedback and your honest opinion sharing. It is truly important to me and I take all your notes very seriously.

Whether it is negative or positive feedback - it is always welcome. We are always here to improve what needs to be improved and give you even better experience.

In terms of women you saw on the video - most of these women are already in the USA and many parts of this video were filmed in Los Angeles with our real clients - women, who at one point crossed the ocean by themselves with the tourist visas. Most of these women created lives for themselves here and are now in search of their soulmate.

These are the women who are action takers, same type of of women you would meet at our Love Tour in Florida - women, who went and got their tourist visa and are arriving to attend our tour (at their own expense) to meet their true love.

As to the age difference (I speak from my 21 years of matchmaking carrier and experience), one of my first couples I put together are 28 years apart, they are still together after 20 years being married and have two wonderful boys. I also seen couples who are close in age fall apart.
IT IS NOT ABOUT THE AGE DIFFERENCE, but it is all about meeting your true soulmate with that perfect connection and chemistry. Without that - nothing is possible.

My tours are designed in such a way that in just several days of living together with "invested and committed women" you quickly find who you feel the best chemistry with.

We women are very sensitive creatures and we feel insecure man instantly. No woman wants to be with an insecure man as a woman is designed to pick a man who is a "defender and protector". So self-confidence goes a long way in building a relationship with the women.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.
― Henry Ford

All the best to the ones who think they can. We are here to support you in your dreams and help you make them come true.
Lost of Love, Oksana Boichenko
 Steven :
It all looks very romantic and appealing, especially to the over aged desperate men. I think 99% of the women in this program would do anything to get to the USA. I am 61, in great shape (I have a full size gym in my home as well as an indoor and outdoor pool). I would be fooling myself if I thought I could end up with a beautiful young woman half my age. I think you should show a video of men and women interacting with others closer to their age. I have read that most of the arrangements with older men and younger women fall apart as soon as they get to America and get married. I think most of the women in the video you showed would have sex with a dead horse if it meant they could get to America!
 David :
Hi Oksana, About the party event, yes it was well run and I understand the logistical challenges involved in keeping everyone engaged. It was also good for me to meet a few of the other guys just to get their take on the agency. The speed dating was a little too accelerated or perhaps I move too slow :) I know we have to move quickly given the volume of people. It was a great event and my only regret perhaps to buy into the bigger package to stay at the villa with the ladies would have been a good idea. The guys that did it certainly had no complaints. I just lacked the time and you got all sold out.. Next time I am definitely going for the tour package as it looked terrific. Dave
 Brian :
Hi Oksana, Thanks for the opportunity to provide a great place to meet so many ladies. They all seemed very nice regardless of age and what we all were looking for in life it was nice to just talk and get to know them, I really enjoyed it and had a great time. I did feel very comfortable in the setting as it was in a city I was familiar with as opposed to traveling overseas and did not have to take so much time to actually get there, I found it very organized and had some great events including the games. They did allow for some close interactions and as a result kind of broke the ice a bit. The house was also very nice and the view was even better. It did seem a bit cramped inside at times because of so many people at the event and at the speed dating time but afterwards we had the chance to even go outside which allowed for more private room. I was also not able to meet and talk with everyone because so many women were at the party and maybe I am too slow :-) but the overall experience was very nice and the atmosphere was a perfect setting. Thanks for having me Brian
 Dennis :
Great event! Everything's well organized, great location, wonderful selection of women, interesting games, and entertainment. Some ladies were complaining that there were more of them then guys ha-ha-ha. I have no complaints. Thanks for an excellent time. I got lots of contacts and now planning who to see again.
 James :
Hi Oksana, Nice to meet you in person. Everybody looked so nice at the party. The party was a great time. I really enjoyed it. Elizabeth made me feel like a movie star, taking pictures and shots all over the villa. She is so sweet. I wish I had had time to do a day shoot too. I'm sure she can make anyone look great. The party was terrific. The only thing I would change is my height... hahaha. So many tall shoes for women. Now I know why Tom Cruise wears higher shoes. But the food, the time on the patio, the ice breakers, the speed dating, and games were great. Perhaps even a bit more time to mingle at the beginning (on patio) would be good, because new people are arriving, and no one is leaving. I am glad so many women came to the event. It was really fun getting acquainted with so many. I have some phone numbers. Vika is very beautiful (23686). I tried to chat with her briefly, but we were swooped on by another guy drinking a bit more than I was. Lol. ... Thanks, for the fun time. Best Regards, James W. 22708
 Dave :
Thanks Oksana. I enjoyed the party very much! The food was fantastic, women were gorgeous, lots of fun and entertainment. I enjoyed the speed-dating and wish an entire circuit could have been made. I guess you had too many ladies to get them all through the speed-dating. There were two ladies I hoped to get a sense for who never made it around to the additional circuit, but I talked to them later at the party. So, well organized and women were stunning. - Dave
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