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 Ron Cerini :
If you need drivers to drive the ladies or gents over to the party let me know.
 Oksana Boichenko :
Our Florida tour produced 4 official engagements and 3 couples are on the way of making it official as well. Congratulations to David and Anastasia, Frank and Aleksandra, Christian and Irina, and Tatyana and Alan! Guys, it was a real great pleasure to work with you and helping you meet your other half. Now we are getting ready for our California tour, which will be happening in Sacramento, Ca. Looking forward to bring more love into this world!
 anonymous :
Is this really works?
 Oksana Boichenko :
Jason, the ladies are waiting for your arrival and so are we (the matchmakers of the agency) and excellent choice!
 Jason Waters :
Galina and Anastasia.
 Oksana Boichenko :
Dear Val. Diana is truly an incredible girl. She just got here last night from Moscow, Russia. You are correct, the girl is beautiful, sexy, smart, she is a 10! Any man will be a lucky man to have a woman like this in his life
 Val :
I would definitely marry Diana. Where is she from? What a girl
 Oksana Boichenko :
Dear Joe, a large group of girls is actually arriving from the countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and some of these women had to travel 2 days to get to Florida! But I guess that differentiate the people who are willing to do whatever it takes to find their true love from the ones who are not exactly ready for meeting someone of a quality. All these women are crossing the ocean to find their man, these women are paying for their own flights, visas and expenses (we do NOT sponsor anyone) and all these women are coming to meet their man to start a family with. So, you not willing to travel a couple of hours just an indicator that you are not really ready for the most fantastic Russian woman or an international relationship period. Yes, a Russian most gorgeous and incredible woman is a privilege to have in your life but it does require to get yourself on a couple hour flight to meet her.
 Joe :
All these girls are from California , Texts, and Florida! I am in Cleveland ( not an even decent fit for me! Joey
 Carlos :
Gidday oksana I have a couple of questions for you1) I am Australian so how many ( successful) clients of yours have also come from Australia 2) what's your understanding of the subtle yet important cultural differences that we Aussies have in relation to other western nationalities such as our very. Laid back lifestyle and our " she"ll be right" attitude to life in general and most importantly for me specifically
3) are / do any of your clients ever sufffer from a disability as I am wheelchair bound for most of the time however I have a full time paid carer to take care of my daily needs
thankyou for your considered responses
Regards Carlos
 Gary :
Oksana, Hello, How are you doing? I am doing well, I wanted to thank you for patience and for working with me at your love tour in Palm Beach to meet the right girl for me. Victoria and myself are getting along very well. She went back to Russia on Saturday. We have plans for me to go to visit her for a week before new years and then she has a 2-week vacation starting Jan 1st at which time we will come back to the US. I guess we will see where we are after that. Thanks for all your help, you run a very nice operation and I would and have recommended it to some of my friends already. Talk soon. GG
 David :
Hi Oksana, I had a great time at the party in Palm Beach! Thank you for having me there. The girls are great and some serious connections. I hope to be your next success story
 Oksana Boichenko :
To Joe:
No, Joe. If the child was born on a territory of the USA, then a child is automatically an American citizen. If mother's country allows dual citizenship, then a child, later on, can apply to for the citizenship of mother's country. Some countries don't allow dual citizenship, such as Kazakhstan.
 Oksana Boichenko :
To Mike:
Beauty in the eyes of a beholder. What mind look "average" to you could be absolutely stunning to someone else. And other way around. In my opinion, every woman is gorgeous and every man is fantastic BUT to the RIGHT person.
 Oksana Boichenko :
Thomas, the parties in Sacramento are not scheduled and most likely will not be happening in the near future. The reason is that while Sacramento has huge Russian/Ukrainian community, but these women very religious and prefer to meet only Russian/Ukrainian men in their churches and community, needless to say, that most women in this area are looking for someone closer to their age. So, the "playground" here in terms of women is very poor. This is the reason we host our parties in cities like Los Angeles (on the east coast) and Florida because women are gorgeous, open towards meeting someone older than them and our clients found that those type of women are exactly what they are looking for. And as to you traveling from Sacramento to areas like LA or Florida, well, really your travel is nothing compared to the women who are coming to our tours: they are coming from overseas and some of them have to have 30 hours from areas like Siberia and Kazakhstan to get here. So, for the high-quality women, it really does worth to make an extra effort. Also, keep in mind that these women who attend out tours are paying for their own airfares and their visas so you can be guaranteed that women are serious and motivated to find them man for serious relationship and marriage
 thomas :
Will you ever have these parties near Sacramento Ca. ? I think then I'd would attend Fl. is a bit to far , also I've had 2 girl friends from Russia but Americanized they were good to be around with and very romantic.

Just to let the guys know I'm not one of those Men that has a lot of Money . I was just honest to them and my personality is what caught there eye ! and it doesn't hurt to be a little bit handsome and fit ! lol

I'm in my 60's and they were in like 40 but I have to say they weren't narrow minded like a lot of American women.

Like I say I don't have women issues with my approach and I don't try to be someone I'm not cause believe me they can tell when you acting to hard to be someone your not .

And for those who wondered what happened to me and the girl friends it didn't last but that's Ok I got to experience them and them me . And I'm still friends with Jamilya & Irina love them forever ........


Thomas M.
 Mike Litoris :
Do all the women in Russia look as good and inviting as those in your video?Surely you must have some thunder thigh hogs just like everywhere else in the world?
 Joe King :
Something i've wondered about a few times.If an American man and Russian woman do get married and have children do the children automatically have dual citizenship?Thank you for taking the time to answer Oksana..:):)
 Herman "R.E.D." Orphey :
So these are the lovely ladies attending the parties. Very Nice. I'm just a plan old 43 year old black man, who djs, produce music, do internet radio shows, & a truck driver. If any of these lovely women show an interest in me, I'll be surprised. I guess the only good thing for me is that I live in florida & I'm about 4 hours from Palm beach, Fl.
See You at the party.
 Cleetus :
What on earth would a beautiful young woman of 30 do with an "old goat" approaching 60? These girls must be desperate to get to the west?
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