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If you are thinking about meeting Russian or Ukrainian woman - the love of your life, to love and be married to forever – then this article will give you one of the most important dating tip on how to make your love journey successful, stress free and save yourself years of search.

My special guest today is someone who took all the possible paths to meeting his beautiful Russian bride and he is here to share with you his experiences, failures and conclusions. I would listen everything he has to say because he invested a lot into learning what he is about to share with you, so you don’t have to make those same mistakes but follow only the steps that WORK and produce excellent results in meeting that dream Russian woman.

Oksana:“Glen, would you introduce yourself and can you tell our wonderful readers why they should listen to you today.”

Glen: Oksana, thanks for having me. Well, first of all, it is my pleasure to share my experiences with you, because I know how frustrating the search of that special person in your life can be, it also can be heartbreaking or rewarding. I had experiences all of it and only wish to whoever is reading this article right now to be able avoid the frustration and heartbreaks but move into third one – being rewarded with the most wonderful Russian woman. And you sure can, if you really don’t repeat some of the miss-steps I took in this process.

Oksana: Excellent Glen, I know the process of meeting an Eastern European woman could be extremely devastating and costly, but only if you do it the wrong way. So, let me ask you why have you decided to find a European woman, what got you into even thinking of meeting someone from abroad?

Glen: Yeah, the idea of finding a foreign women came to me after my divorce from an American woman and after dating locally. I been married to my high school sweetheart, we were young, in love and believed that nothing will break us apart. And sure enough, several years into marriage things changed. She changed, she went through midlife crisis and then all the sudden whatever I was doing became not enough. Like any traditional guy I tried to save the marriage, we went through counselling and I tried to keep the marriage together, but at one point I felt spent.
I knew that all I wanted was to be respected, grateful to for the things I do, to be loved with the whole heart and be appreciated for bettering someone’s life.
So, I realized that I need a traditional woman. I am a traditional man myself and so I went to search for a traditional girl. I tried to find her here in the USA through dating sites, with no luck of meeting the girl I wanted.
And so I went to search further and that is how I found about Russian women. I went on Romance tour to Ukraine with one of the tour companies.

Oksana: Glen, have you ever communicated with women via the site prior to meeting them in-person?

Glen: No, I didn’t and glad I didn’t. Because I talked to several guys on a tour and most of them spent at least 4,000 – 6,000 on letters writing and I know that most women they supposedly talked to – never showed up for the meeting. So, their letter writing money were wasted.

Oksana: Well, you saved yourself several thousand dollars. You know I personally don’t believe in long chain of emals. I am always for at least talk to the woman on video instead of wasting all that time and money on letters.

Glen: Exactly and this is what I would definitely do – talk to the girl on camera, so I can see her and she can see me.
But any way, getting back to my romance tour with that other agency.
So, when I got there all of us, 40 guys were thrown in a loud night club with 200 women. So, here are hundreds of girls – go at it. I tried to talk to the girls at the socials but they didn’t speak English, interpreter tried to help but it was so loud and hard to communicate and the women seemed to want only drink and dance.
So, my socials in Kiev ended up being a complete disaster. The girls seem to want to have just a good time, nobody seem to be pre-screened, just whoever wanted to come to get champagne and dancing.

Oksana: What happened then? I understand you went to several cities with the tour?

Glen: Yes, the second city was Nikolaev, same story, couple hundreds girls and I had no idea who I should go after. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I loved watching girls dancing, but I didn’t come there for that reason, I could get plenty of dance watching here in Texas in a night club, why would I go to Ukraine for that?
But I got lucky and met Taisia in Nikolaev, who I thought was the love of my life. She was very sweet, she knew what she was doing and I felt that this was the perfect connection.
We started spending time together and we talked about us being together.
She portrayed herself being from a poor family and so I wanted to help my girl out, I started helping her out with money and gifts. Hey, I don’t mind supporting my woman!
Now, looking back, I remember that she was wearing designer clothes and I didn’t put two and two together, how she could have afforded that since she said she was poor.
Anyway, I was captivated by her, came back to the USA and couple of months later went to see her again. A body of mine who I met at the tour, when he found out that I went to see Taisia couple of times told me that she is actually “in love” not only with me but with couple other guys she met on that tour. So, I found out later that she was just after financial gain and had several guys like me who were sponsoring her with her not having any intentions of being married to any of them.

Oksana: I am so sorry to hear that Glen. That is heartbreaking story but unfortunately I hear lots of stories like that from men who went to meet girls on those tours.
One other story I hear a lot is when men actually end up getting engaged to these girls on those Ukrainian tours and then after they went through all that lengthy fiancée visa process, waiting for her documents to be approved so she can go and get her visa – all the sudden right before the interview a girl changes her mind.

Glen: Yes, I met a guy on a tour in Ukraine who had that happened to him. I guess he got it worse than I did.

Oksana: In a few minutes, I will share with all our readers how to spot these type of girls and how to protect yourself from running into this type of “international hooking” so to speak and fear of relocation type of girls. So, stay tuned.
So, what was your next plan, Glen?

Glen: So, I was back to square one. After almost a year of wasted time and false dreams and hopes were destroyed, I went on another tour.

Oksana: Another tour?

Glen: Well, there were no options out there to meet Russian women and I didn’t know about your agency then. I found out about you later and gave you a call as I did. I am glad I did, because this is where I met my wife of 7 years, who is my ex now. Do you want me to tell this story now or?

Oksana: Hold on Glen, we will get to that later, but listen, let’s get back to the Ukrainian tours.
Your experience is very informative and hopefully our viewers to make more educative decision. Nowadays I know that many men travel to Ukraine, while most men think that nobody else would go there in the times of unstable situation, there are more American tourists there than ever and girls really use this to their advantage. Just in the past week I spoke with 3 men who just came back from Ukraine from one of the tours like you are describing and every one of them had horrible stories to share.

So, the following 8 advices will be a must-have tool to use if you are thinking of taking such romance tour to Ukraine like Glen did. Here are 8 video-advices for you to follow to determine the true intentions of the girl you are going out with: whether she is an “international hooker”, or after financial gain, or has fear or relocation.


By Oksana Boichenko

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with her guest Glen G.
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