A shocking truth about Lugansk Ukraine

I had a wonderful mood when my aircraft landed in a small airport of the same size cozy and sunny Lugansk a Ukrainian suburban city. A beautiful and slim stewardess with a shining smile wished all the passengers a wonderful time in this amazing Ukrainian city with a big history and original culture.

I came to Lugansk with a purpose to open “oksanalove” next office there. And I was not sure why I was attracted exactly by this small Ukrainian city<, if there are so many big cities in the world with huge number of Russian girls< who are in searches of their prince? I think manies have heard about the tremendous beauty of hot and sensual Ukrainian girls, but only a smaller number of them do really know that exactly in this small Ukrainian town with a poetic name Lugansk every girl is a real supermodel. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any version about why is it so, until the time when I introduced with one interesting and of course beautiful woman, who told me that in the time of the Russian Impress Ekatirina the second’s ruling, she dispatched all the beautiful girls to that remote area. She eliminated all that women of tremendous beauty in unknown city of Lugansk, in order their charm could not darken the beauty of the powerful Empress. In such a way, this small city was full of girls of unbelievable beauty and they were passing this real value from generation to generation. Probably it’s just a beautiful legend, but you start unwillingly believing it when you walk in the streets of Lugansk and stare at dazzling smiles of Lugansk beauties.

In one of the hot days, I had a run around at Lugansk notaries’ offices and city administrations.
Unfortunately, during my trip I had some complicated moments also. I set down on a bench in the shadow in a cozy and pretty park and lazily was looking at people who were resting there. Through some time my attention was attracted by a group of four chaps - two guys and two girls. One of the women among them was tremendously beautiful! A guy that was sticking with her was pretty much athletic but he was staring at another man in a very unfriendly way. At the mean time, the guy that was gazed by another man admirably looked at that extremely beautiful girl. The second chick as I understood was a translator, because guy that was charmed most all spoke in English. The interpreter seemed nervous and unconfident. The beauty was only answering “yes” or ”no” and the conversation of two seemed more like a monolog of a foreigner. In some 15-20 minutes the stranger took out of his wallet and passed few green banknotes to the translator. Then, girls and the athletic guy left a foreigner alone and gone in a car that was waiting for them.

As I later found out, the foreigner was an American. He seemed really confused. That’s why I decided to approach him and ask if he needs any help. So, we introduced and from that moment I started getting to know a different side of Lugansk. It was another truth – a shocking truth about this city.

The American’s name is Steve. He came from USA to meet his virtual woman of dream and gain his long-awaited happiness. His whole family was expecting him home with his beautiful, loving and caring Ukrainian bride. However Steve’s fiancee disappeared from his life unexpectedly, just like she entered it. The same thing happened to his friend who came with him to Lugansk for seeing his

So, what was so horrible and what happened to both of them?

I told Steve’s story to the manager of my newly registered Lugansk branch of “oksanalove” agency. And I was even more surprised and confused when she told me not a legend and not a history, but a real thing that she witnessed. I won’t tell about all the details. I just gonna tell you about some facts that I found out there. So, Lugansk has few illegal fake agencies that work behind the closed doors. They don’t give any of their contact details; they do not provide clients with any trustworthy information, they don’t have advertisements. The pictures of their beautiful clients they put in different free internet sites. Many of their clients are married young women. They are not unfaithful to their husbands and do not look for a partner for creating a family. So, why do they address to the dating agency? The answer is simple and horrifying – is the money. This is it! The work of Lugansk beauties is also simple and does not really bother them. They just bring their photos to the agency and that’s all. The rest is the task for their agency. They decide on what web-site to put the newly came girl’s picture, they write letters to her trapped fiance and so on. As a rule they receive lots of letters from the foreign clients and the fiances (if I can say so) on the wings of love fly to Lugansk to see their beloved ones. Finally, the couples have a meeting and… confused fiances get a cold look of their Lugansk beauty instead of a sweet kiss. They loyally pay money for personal translator service, driver, apartment found by their baby-girls and stay alone with their dreams. At the meantime, their brides honestly get their “share” for every deal from their translator who works for the agency. Usually, the fake bride gets some per cent from the whole sum given by her fiance. And actually, her salary depends on how much generous her fiance is.

Well, this is a sad story about Lugansk’s beautiful women and their fake dating agencies. I take all the responsibility for the reliability of this information and it’s checked by myself. In two similar agencies that I attended as a fake client I got the whole information about how the agencies of such kind work and how their brides should work in their team. I told them that I’m married hiding the facts that could make them suspicious and disclose my intensions. As I told before, I will not describe all the details. However, it made me even the more striving for realizing my purpose. And now I’m gonna do everything for the creation of a real, legal and professional agency that could help any girl of Lugansk to find her man. The one she could give all her love, passion, tenderness, faithfulness and beauty.

My dear clients! I guarantee that you’ll be happy with “oksanalove”. Welcome to Lugansk department of “oksanalove” on-line dating agency!

Oksana Boichenko


L W Myers's Message : Any information on either Intertranslation Service run by a Vladimir Tokarev? or one of the girles that uses his service:
Alena Bezginova -
5/12 Solnechniy Block

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Mr. Myers.
Unfortunately, we don't have any information about mentioned persons or agency. I also asked my local manager to check for this name in local newspapers and with the ladies (if they ever applied for membership in this agency) - no result was returned. Ususally every agency in Lugansk that runs honest business would have an ad in the newspapers all the time, if this person doesn't appear there, then the chances are he is trying to keep his name off the media, well, by obvious reasons.
As to the lady you mentioned, we don't know her. But if you need a help on doing a background check or existence check, we will be happy to assist. Men who used this service were very satisfied with our results.
Here is what we can do: If you been corresponding with this girl before - we can deliver your photo, letter and a small present to this lady at the mentioned address, I would suggest to delivery her flowers. If the this girl really exist, we will take her photos with this present and we watch for her reaction to your letter and photos, so you know if the lady ever wrote letters to you and recognized you at all.
We can also suggest some of our background (deep personality tests) which will show you the background of your woman, her relationships with parents, brothers, sisters, what are the chances for her to easy adjust to a foreign country, the compatibility test, etc.

Mac's Message : I got several e-mails very similar to scams. Now I am in a mission to find genuine dating agency in Eastern Europe.

My question is how do I know that your agency is genuine? All agencies for Russian brides includes similar story in there introduction page.

Suggestion/Answer :

Nick J Panco's Message : Dear Agency Staff,
I have been communicating - privately (no fee or agency involved) with a 47 year old woman from Lugansk. I met her through "DreamMates" online dating site. I am very educated, a Marine Vietnam combat veteran of the U.S., and I have heard all of the stories about the prevelence of scams in Russia & surrounding countries. This woman seems sincere, and says she works for a "collective" - teaching economics I believe. If she were very young I would have immediatly had suspicians, since I am 58 years old. But she is only 11 or 12 years younger than me ( my X wife was 9 years younger) so I was not concerned.
I am hoping that she is "for real", but after reading the Lugansk
"beauties "story I now have become a but concerned.
I know that people involved in these scams are undoubtedly very convincing, so I would like to have her checked out.
Please advise.
Her information follows:

Tatiana(Tania) Koval
ul. Kotsubinskogo
Lugansk, 91058

Your input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Merry Christman to you all.
N J Psnco

Suggestion/Answer : Dear, Nick.
We will be happy to check this woman. We provide a service that includes: check of address validity through the information desk and phone number obtaining based on the information you had provided, we deliver a flowers to the lady with your card and have a brief conversation with her validating if she knows of your existence and correspondence with you. Usually during these types of conversations women ask if we "pay money to them for gifts and for letters" if such question arises, then you know for sure that she is getting paid for all services and gifts you order to her. We charge $125 for this service and this does really help to men to obtain necessary information.

And I forgot to mention, we take photos of this delivery, so this will tell you if the recipient is the really that woman you were talking to.

Based on our experience this service gives a clear idea to a man about his woman and plus it cost nothing vs. the money you'd spend to make a trip over there to see her to find out the truth.

I will write you an individual message about all this as well.

Oksana Boichenko
Brian McMahon's Message : I am sending money to" Glamour Agency" a translation business. Is it reputable. I am sending money to a girl for English classes. I hope this isgenuine, because I am1 What do you think?

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Brian.

I encourage all men who are our clients not to send ANY money to women. If you claim that this agency is reputable, then it will not hurt to check your woman's progress in English after one month of her taking classes.

I would also call her to her home at least once a week and ask what topics she had learned. If she does take the classes then it will not be a problem for her to answer your questions.

But please, don't prepay several months of her English classes unless you are 100% sure that this agency is reputable.

I personally haven't heard this name before, but if you provide me their business address and site name (if they have one) and directors or owner's name, I probably can find out some information.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with, you can e-mail me directly as well at oksana (at)

I will be happy to answer all your questions.
b.k.'s Message : Is the agency Anastasia- International a legitimate service? Thanks for the info

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, B.K.
I wouldn't say that Anastasia is non legitimate agency. The way they work is they have affiliate agencies (self owned agencies who are not part of Anastasia but have their own offices in their cities), a smaller agencies in different cities, so those agencies have their database of girls who are presented on the pages of Anastasia site. Anastasia has their own team of people, who call the girls and confirm their profiles.
Anastasia had selected a good business model, but there are some problems:

Anastasia's team doesn't see the girls they talk to, so they can't rally be sure that they are talking to that particular girl.

Anastasia is such a hug network and when you are dealing with enormous number of women, there are always wholes and always some problems.

The affiliate agency is getting paid commissions on written letters ad letters responded, this is the only income they have from Anastasia, so conclusion - agencies will try to write as many letters as possible and sometimes it is impossible to control if women actually writing letters or agencies themselves.

I my opinion Anastasia is trying to prevent all the scams and trying to be as honest as possible, but due to size of their company and inability to confirm if the profiles of women are rally true breathing ladies - they will have those "wholes".

You can only determine if women are for real if you have your own office in the places where you present women from,or have very trusted contacts, people you know for years working in those cities.

If you are talking to some of the women trough Anastasia, would advise you to ask for women' mailing addresses (Anastasia allows to request for mailing address from the woman), the send her a letter by regular mail. Find some local agency in that woman's city and contact that agency, ask tem to deliver flowers to that woman and take photos of that delivery, ask agents to talk to the girl as well to determine if she knows of your existence.

Get that lady's phone number and start talking to her over the phone

We did some checks of Anastasia's women clients, when their men asked us to check for their identity and so far all the women were legitimate from their network.

I hope this information was helpful. Let me know if you have more questions.

Oksana Boichenko.

Jerry Dubinsky's Message : I wuld like to talk to the gentleman who inquired about Tatiana (Taina) Koval, Kotsubinskkogo 27/459 Lugansk,, 91058 Ukraine. She, or the agency to which she lends her name is nothing but a scam artist. She has a different story for every sucker she comes into contact with. I have not fallen for her trickery, & I suggest that any man who communicates with her cease communication immediately.

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Jerry.
This gentleman's e-mail address is: hotlzusmc (at)
He indicated that he doesn't mind his e-mail to be posted, so that's why I am forwarding it to you.
Unfortunately there are a lot scammers in Lugansk. I am currently in Lugansk myself and just last two weeks we had 4 men coming to our office asking for help. As all of them (they are all from different countries and came from all different sources), they all been scammed by agencies in Lugansk, all of them had the same story, same letters from agencies, same love letters from girls, all of them were asked to pay for English classes for "their ladies" as soon as they arrived here, some got lucky and refused to pay anything, then of course "their women" disappeared together with "her" interpreter. Cell phones of "interpreter" and a "woman" were changed, so nobody can be found any longer.

Lugansk is a dangerous city if you don't know who you are dealing with. You have to triple check the agency if they are real or not. But I know for sure there are only couple of legitimate agencies here.

The girls are amazingly beautiful here and a lot of them want to find happiness and marriage. And only a small percentage of them are used by so called "agencies" who are taking advantage of men.

Just watch out for signs and any requests for any money, that's first sign of dishonesty.

All the best in your search!

Oksana Boichenko
Scott Murphy's Message : Hello, I am preparing to visit a lady in Lugansk, with whom I have been corresponding since last December. I have done some of my own research and come up with nothing negative on the lady, but I get good and bad about the agencies involved. Also, how do I find out if my lady friend Oksana Niklyudova is real? She says she is a doctor, anesthesiologist, and she just turned 25 8/14. I also have her address if needed. Thank you for your help!

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Scott.
Thank you for enquiry.
We do a scam check of women in Lugansk, if you provide us with your lady's address, we can deliver flowers to her and out manager will talk to this woman. Our manager will check how much of information woman has about you and your communication. Our manager will ask the right questions that will show if woman is making money off the correspondence fee you are paying to the agency, if woman is receiving payments from presents and if woman is scammer. A full report including photos of delivery will be provided to you. We charge $125 for this service and it includes:
1. A beautiful bouquet of flowers.
2. ID check
3. Marital status check
4. Scam check
5. Photos of flowers delivery
6. A card from you with the flowers
7. A full report of background check
Since you are planning a trip to Lugansk, please, let us know if we could assist you with accommodations, transfer services, introduction to the choice of real ladies, or anything else we can assist you with.
Feel free to contact me directly at
Oksana Boichenko
Blair Chamberlain's Message : I met a girl 12-13-06 not through an agency we communicated through regular email as she knew English well enough, after many months we decided that she would come here to meet for the first time. I sent her money for her passport $200 and then money for her plane ticket which she was going to book from there. Well needless to say she was not granted her Visa so as the plane flew away she could not board. I do not know if this was true or a scam. She wrote me back very sad that she could not come and when I asked her about refunding her money from the travel agency for the plane ticket she said they will not refund her money. Then a few days after that she said her apartment was broken into and everything was stolen I am assuming she meant the plane tickets too. I was angry and told her off and stopped writing. Do you think that this was a total scam????? Please help me I sent over $1200. This is her name and address as I think it was necessary for sending the money by Western Union.
Oksana Zabavskaya
Ukraine, 91000
Street Pyaterkina 8,
do vostrebovaniya.
Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Blair.

First of all people know if they were granted the visa or not prior to purchasing the tickets. The actual interview is scheduled at any embassy for any applicant and the decision is made by ambassador or consul employee during the interview. It doesn’t matter for ambassador decision if the person has tickets purchased or not – the fact of purchasing tickets doesn’t increase or decrease any chances of being granted a visa. So, your lady would know if was granted a visa or not right after the interview is completed. This is lie number one from her side.

I don’t know which country your lady tried to get a visa for, but if it was for Canada, USA or Europe, then in most cases women can’t get the tourist visas there.

Your lady has a small chance to get a student visa if she has paid for university in your country for at least a year (as you know an education is very expensive and cost several thousand dollars a year, especially since it has to be an International University that has permission of inviting foreign students, these Universities are usually a lot more expensive), in this case she might get a student visa for a year.

As for tourist visa she needs to provide a certain prove to the Embassy so called “Ties to her country”:

1. she is very wealthy (a lot of money on her bank account)

2. has expensive real estate on her name

3. expensive car on her name

4. Husband

5. couple of kids left in the country

6. very high paying job with proof of income

These are the ties to the country any consulate is looking for. If she doesn't have these ties, then she will not get a visa.

The only way to bring your lady over there is as your fiancée or a wife, in both these cases you need to meet her face to face first, which means you can either travel there for a first meeting, or meet somewhere on neutral territory.

The neutral territory might be countries where she doesn’t have to have a visa to enter like: Turkey, Jamaica, Do0menican Republic, Poland but you have to check regulations for your lady’s particular country as for some citizens of certain countries these above country might have a requirements for an entry visa.

As to your question about travel agent. Some tickets might be refunded, some might be partially refunded. In any case even if she missed her plane, there should be certain portion of ticket price be refunded to her, usually it is 50% - 65% of the total price purchase – even if she is a no show for a flight.

Western Union. Especially in Lugansk many agents working in western union are bribed, they are giving the money even to people who don’t have a proper documents to receiving the money. The agents are making commissions for “overlooking at necessary documents”. So, there is nothing can be traced based on the information you provided. This woman might not be even a person she says she is. She / He (that’s right it might not even be a woman) doesn’t have to have documents to receive the money if they are working with an agent who was bribed.

Well, as you can see there are many red flags, actually this whole story is red flagged, so “yes” – you been scammed and I am 100% sure that it is so.

There is nothing you can do in this situation, except that hoping that someone else with see a name of this woman here and will not make the same mistake as you did by sending money to someone you don’t know.

I am really sorry for your experience, you have to be very careful next time and have to check who you are dealing with. It is better to have a person or agency you trust.

All the best to you in your search and, please, be careful next time. Remember rule number 1 – NEVER SEND A MONEY TO A RUSSIAN WOMAN IF YOU DON’T KNOW HER PERSONALLY!.

Oksana Boichenko.

Jeremy Barchenger's Message : Dear Agency staff, I have been communicating with privately with a 28 year old woman by the name of Svetlana Grigorova from Lugansk. She has not asked me for any money, in fact I brought up the topic. I have heard that it is very expensive for women to have e-mails translated and for internet service and I offered to help with these costs. She tells me that she has our letters translated through a translation service by the name of Trans_lux, do you know if this is a legit service. I can also include her address if it would help. Her address is as follows: Svetlana Grigorova Ukraine, Lugansk, Volkova block, 36 House 51 Flat. Thank you for your service. Jeremy

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Jeremy.
The agency trans Lux - I am pretty sure I heard this name before, actually saw it in some form letters that some men received, where the agency was asking for membership fees, translation services fees etc.

Do these guys have a web site, or officially registered company? If they don't have registered company or physical address at least, then you should be very careful. And of course, no matter what, don't send them money. If you receive any request for money from them, they probably will ask to send money to this woman's name by western union. A lot of western union agents are bribed there, they don't check IDs of receivers and just getting paid good wedges for non request of identity documents, they are bribed by locals.

I would advise you to check this person, we can do a background check on her, and if you provide a physical address of the agency we can visit them as well.
Just remember one thing -no matter what, don't send any money. And if you decide to go and visit this girl, contact us to make sure there is no "surprises" are waiting for you upon your arrival there.

James's Message : Hello Oksana.

Recently I had the opportunity to go to your site and read several questions from individauls who had been in contact with women from Lugansk. One question caught my eye. It was from Scott Murphy about a young lady, Oksana Niklyudova, a Doctor, from Lugansk. She has also been writing me to me as well. I have my suspicions that this lady my not be genuine or sincere. Is there any way you could provide me with Mr. Murphy's e-mail address.

Thank you


Suggestion/Answer : Hello, James.
I will forward your letter to Scott, so he can contact you if he desires.
Matthew Maverick's Message : Hello Oksana,I would like to address the questions from Scott and James about Oksana Nikyudova. I have been writing to her as well, so I guess she is really playing the field. I would like to be put in contact with these guys if possible. If Scott is reading this I would hold off on ordering the plane tickets. Makes me sick to learn this!
One of the most evil things a woman can do!
How do I order a check on this woman?Thanks Matthew

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Matthew.

I will forward e-mail addresses of these men to your direct e-mail address. In the future, guys, feel free to post your e-mail addresses in the message field if you want other members to contact you, it will just save me a few minutes of my busy schedule :-).

As to the background check, looks like you don't need it - it shows right here that this woman might be playing games. Really, what are the chances of 3 men talking about the same woman posting their comments within a few weeks apart from each other. What are the chances you found her name being mentioned here on this site when there are billions of other dating sites out there. I wonder how many other men talking to this girl right now, probably thousands.

We definitely can do a background check on this girl, considering she provides you a right address for her. We can talk to her and ask her whatever questions you wan to be addressed. There is a very high chance are she wouldn't know any of you guys.

But if she does remember all of you and if she does think of all of you seriously, well, you got some desperate for love woman here.

I really hope she turns out to be a real lady, if she does then you got other issue to deal with - sharing, to figure out who will be a lucky man to win her heart.

In any case, I will send the details of background check in the e-mail to you and will forward the e-mail addresses of these men.

I am curious if you don't mind me asking, where did you find this girl?

All the best to all of you.

Matthew McCarthy's Message : Hi Oksana and every man corressponding with Oksana Niklyudova, I've been writing to her for at least a year and the weird thing about this woman is when I dont write to her for a while she contacts me saying "I hope you havent forgotton about me " this seems strange when theres so many of us writing to her, any way if you guys find out anything about her could you email me ? cheers Matthew

Suggestion/Answer :
Matthew McCarthy's Message : Hi its Matthew here again I forgot to post my email address for Matthew Scott and James to email me if they want its ,any information much appreciated guys I've actually come across alot of scammers but I havent worked this one out yet.

Suggestion/Answer :
Leonard Yurgin's Message : There was a man named Jeremy Barchenger He has been in contact with a woman in the Ukraine by the name of Svetlana Nikolaevna Grigorova I to have been corresponding with this woman for about three months I met her She has not asked me for any money either I would like to talk with this man I f you could forward my info that would be great Thank You Leonard Yurgin E-mail

Suggestion/Answer :
Chris Johnston's Message : Hello Oksana,
My name is Chris Johnston. I also have been in correspondence with Oksana Niklyudova of Lugansk. I wrote to her through A Foreign Affair but also noticed she is on Anastasia Web as well as few other sites. I've had my suspicions. So, when she provided me with her contact information I decided to conduct a web search which brought me here. I suspect that she is not a doctor since she is never willing to provide any details about her work, her field of expertise, etc. And, if she is lieing about this, then she is probably not serious about meeting anyone and only wants to attract email and gifts. I am hoping you or someone else may have additional details about her since some of the original messages were posted.

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Chris.
Concerning this girl. One of the men who initiated a conversation about Oksana, he actually went there and met her. He said that she is a real girl and he was going to post some additional comments here about her as well. It is strange though, that she left a nice imprint about herself and as far as understood, they decided to work on their relationships, but sounds like she is still searching... Any way, this guy said that Oksana is nice, real and a good girl - who knows.

The other factor, I actually received a call from Oksana's local agency in Lugansk, from a manager of the agency and she was claming that Oksana is serious lady, she asked to remove all comments about her, but I can't do that as a chain of messages will brake down.

We agreed that Oksana will post her message here some day, I suppose the message from her will show up here.

The thing is, I think Oksana is a real girl, I only question her intentions. The other thing is, there is possibility that Oksana doesn't write her own letters and there is a possibility the agency is "helping" hr to answer all the guys. For you guys to figure it out, you should call her without notification and talk to her with interpreter. If she remembers you right away, then it is definitely a good sign. If anyone needs assistance with interpreter - we have excellent translation service, so my interpreters will be happy to help you to figure things out. Once they hear how she responds to your questions, thy will understand what's going on.

The other thing we can do is deliver flowers to her from you and se how much of the knowledge she has of you. That will make things straight as well.

In any case, feel free to contact me directly with any services you need to order or you can contact our office in Ukraine to arrange everything.

Oksana Boichenko
Scott Murphy's Message : Concerning Oksana Niklyudova, since my previous question regarding this lady I have been to Lugansk and visited with her. She is a charrming and sincere lady who made every effort to answer all of my questions and told me without hesitation that if I have doubts about her sincerity, I should do whatever I thought was necessary to reassure myself. She never acted as if she had a thing to hide and was very open with me. No story book "love at first sight" kind of girl but a very serious "let's get to really know one another" because we may have found our "other halves". And the interpreter from the agency was just as helpful. We are planning another week together to see her city in the springtime and I am looking forward to every minute of our time together. I appreciate the efforts that you make to help men avoid the scammers out there, but this lady is the real deal.
Scott Murphy

Suggestion/Answer :
Mustafa's Message : I met Oksana Niklyudova in November 7/11, 2007 after some over 25 letter exchanges since April 2007. With Oksana I went out three evenings. I went to meet her for one single reason. In one of her Letters, she wrote that "my silence was killing her"!. so, thta ignite my interest and meet her physically!. But our meeting was not great. You could have either chemistry with some one in the first instance or not! With Oksana, it did not happen. There had been some annoying things happened too. I should not mention those here!.

On the whole, Oksana is a good girl!

Suggestion/Answer :
Bella Mihaela's Message : What coincidence I find my friend name here writing to this girl and you other boys. I do not know Mustafa but I tell you this because no American will think of this or tell you. I love my new country but "politcal correct" is stupid. Mustafa, I judge only from your name you origins but no "good girl" in Ukraine date or ever think marriage to black man or arab man or indian man. Her father kill her! If this girl want you see her in Ukraine or meet for trip somewhere she is scam! My friend not believe me, he is honest and think only love. You not believe me, but true.

Suggestion/Answer :
Hugh Toulson's Message : Hello Oksana.
I read your web site with great interest! i meet a girl on Elena's models Agency from Lugansk our relationship i think is ok? i have been to her home meet the parents and we are now trying to get her a tourist visa for her to vist me in the Uk.Her name is Margaryta shuskaya of course she seems perfect "i think she is" i do help her with money "not thousands" but i wonder sometimes who knows? i could be one of many men who helps her? but in life you have to take a chance she seems a great girl! i would be grateful for anybody input' of course i worry about Lugansk women and the bad stories i have read! i of course want mine to be a great story and hope i have found true love.
kind regards.

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Hugh.

My only advise in your situation, is try to get her visa as soon as possible and when paying for her airline tickets to travel to you, use your credit card with the travel agent in UK, so at least if there is something "funny" she will not keep the money for her Airline tickets and at least you could cancel tickets later and get partially refunded back to your CC.

As I don't know the details of your communication, meeting, etc I can't be much of a help with any more of preciousness you need to take.

All the best to you in your dating experience.


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Sam Ogilvie's Message : Hello,

I would like to thank you for providing a "forum" where men can write in and express their concerns about various individuals and agencies. It has been said a zillion times that "knowledge is power", and that will always remain true. Sharing information in such a way will root out a number of scammers very quickly--hopefully.

I noticed that several men have been writing Miss Oksana Niklyudova of Lugansk, Ukraine. Her intentions may be pure and legitimate, but I think it is unethical to maintain a relationship with over a handful of men via visits, letters, etc. If her local agency or agencies is/are writing letters on her behalf, that is outright fraud! If a woman can't devote the time and energy necessary to maintain her own correspondence, she is not treating people fairly! Legitimate services and agencies should consider placing limits on the women they represent as a good faith measure to those of us paying healthy fees for their services.

Please post this letter and my e-mail address. I want to contribute to good business practices and think you are providing a fine service with the publication of concerns and questions on the web. Thank you.


Sam Ogilvie

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JIM KING's Message : HELLO,

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jerome Ottiere's Message : Re: Oksana Niklyudova
I found your website almost accidentally on a link to the Starobelsk agency--and I'm glad I did!
I have been corresponding with Oksana Niklyudova for well over a year now, She is the anethesiologist from Lugansk.(?) She's good-looking and smart!I met Oksana through the Anastasia agency. Several months later she suggsted that we continue correspondence through the Starobelsk agency, since its location is more convenient for her. I agreed. This correspondence has lasted over a year. I offered to come to see her in the Fall, but she postponed our meeting, saying she is too busy at work right now. Recently she was hospitalized with pneumonia(?) and we should meet in the Spring when the weather is warmer and she has regained all of her strength(about this time) As a precurser to our rendezvous I arranged to have her take English lessons through the Starobelsk agency. Almost $1000 has been spent for her English lessons--and there have been several gifts, too.
She says in her letters and on the telephone through an interpreter that she wants to meet and she thinks I am the man she is looking for, and she wants to be with me in New York. Apparantly, she is looking for a lot of men.

I feel used and abused by this insincere girl, and I would advise anyone to to be very careful regarding Miss Niklyudova. Watch it guys! I've been taken for an expensive ride! At least I didn't make the trip over there! This is the self-deception that believes the lie!!! Don't waste your time or your money! E-mail me if you would like to know more sordid details



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Olaf Becker's Message : Oksana Niklyudova and me wrote more than 100 letters and I met her two times. I write this letter, because I can not hear all these rumours about her anymore. It is legal, that she meets some men and stops, if she doesn`t feel any chemistry. She is a doctor, works in a hospital and studies hard, has a great family and I also met her friends both times. She is real like the Iraq war and she is one of the most intelligent and beautiful girls I have ever met. She is shy and maybe has a special mentality, but she is a wonderful woman. After our last meeting - 5 days in Moscow - she decided to break up. But not, because she is a scammer, I behaved not right and I told her, that I meet another girls also. After Moscow (I live there meanwhile and also have ukrainian friends) we wrote some more messages and decided not to meet again. I wish her all the best and I can only say: if one of you guys has the chance to meet her and wins her heart, you will be together with one of the most special and fantastic girls in Eastern Europe! She is a dream of a woman!

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Jim Ryan's Message : I am leary of a woman I met on Single-Russian-Woman website. Her name is Ludmila Kucherova. Her date of birth is: 15/06/1978. Her e:mail address is:

Any word on her? I think I am about to be scammed!

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Roger Wilson's Message : I have been writing something like 40 letters to Oksana Niklyudova as well. To give her my private adress I decided to send her flowers with a card telling her my adress. The flower delivery firm responded me that the receiver had asked for money, not flowers, and the flower delivery firm claimed if was fraud... I agree with the gentleman above - she is of course free to write who ever she wants, but to be able to share information on a place like this, help us men avoid problems. I think this site gives a lot of useful information to men considering communicating with Oksana Niklyudova.

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Steve Williams's Message : I had been writing to a girl named Anna S. #3078 from Lugansk, through the UALadies site, formerly Confidential Connections. Do you know of this "agency"? Our letters were becoming more serious with each other and "suddenly" she was gone...supposedly she had asked the agency to remove her from their site...with no reason given!! After 1 1/2 yr's of correspondence with her and just after a letter from her showing more & more interest in me and now I can't reach hear, period! So I guess, what do you know about the valdity of the site? Anyway, can you look into the agancy as to the validity of this girl, if she ever was legitmate? She was a Beauty! She told me she taught dance classes and of course "the" pictures showed a woman dressed in dance attire. I'm both hurt & excuse me...but...pissed off...about her "just suddenly being gone"! Any help would be great so I might have closure from all this.
Steve Williams

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Steve.
As to this agency, I can't tell you much about them. But as to your particular situation, the matter you mentioned you been talking to this girl for 1,5 years! Of course, even if she didn't meet someone, then she got pissed off herself and just got disappointed to the point she dropped this whole idea of meeting someone from abroad. Based on my experience, there is a VERY small percentage of the girls who would even wait for personal meeting with their man for even over a year. So, my dear, sorry if my tone would sound harsh to you, but you kind of blew it yourself. And my little advice to all the guys, if you feel the person might be right for you, then give your correspondence no more then 3-4 months then go over there and meet her in person. Otherwise on the 5th or 6th month of communicating, if you don't mention a meeting to your girl - she will not continue talking with you. In most cases as a rule, if your the girl you are talking to for more then 5 months and she never mentions the personal meeting with you, a desire to see you - then most likely she is there on the site for agency's sake to make money on your letters.
Steve, should you decide to find someone from abroad to marry, keep in mind: if you met someone you like, always mention to her a possibility of the meeting in a near future, if she ignores your statement and doesn't bring up the personal meeting ever - then most likely you are taken for a ride. So, next time don't wait that long and be prepared to travel to meet her as soon as you feel you have a connection.
Mustafa's Message : Response to: Bella Mihaela's Message

Thansk, but I am Turkish, Turkish that is, from Western Blacksea area and I could be mistaken for any Mediterrenean country person from the Northside; people also regard me a mixture of John Trovalta and Antion Benderas but - I am very much myself. I am also aware of prejudices. But, i do not really care. So far, I have been to Ukraine 5 times in the space of 12 months. Nor for sex or a short time gain, i am genuinley looking for a compatible companion. Most girls, although they look stunning, in courtesy and manners sadly they fails Out of politeness I said Oksana Niklyudova was a good girl, but it terms of manners and courtsy there were seperate short comings - she is very much aware of interests from so many 'hopefulls'. But, thank you for your comments I do understand what you meant!

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sam ogilvie's Message : I have really enjoyed reading about the various experiences men have had with women in Eastern Europe and the agencies that represent(present) them. Mustafa, you touched on common courtesy and manners, and I wonder if both are lacking to a degree in a significant percentage of Ukrainian women. I realize I am culturally biased, because the American South is known for its polite people. I also continue to have questions about Anastasia-International. Because so much money is involved, it must be extremely difficult for Anastasia management to keep the dozens of agencies that represent them honest. For instance, I received letters from two women living in Odessa almost exactly one year apart that included identical paragraphs. Since the women did not know each other, I assume the agency "contributed" to the content of the letters. I also dislike two other standard practices. The first is that agencies are allowed to send introductory letters on behalf of the women they serve. The second is that about half of the women don't look anything like the photographs posted. Candid photos are proof of that. I have complained enough at one sitting. :) Thanks again for the forum.

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Pat montroy's Message : WOW I have read all the comments here and wonder if any of the girls are real. I met a lady from Lugansk named Viktoria {vika} I met her on cybernetdating. We have sent each other many e-mails and spoke many times on the phone. I would like to know if she has any chance of getting a tourist visa througha travel agency there? I spoke to a legal person here about writing a letter of invite along with sending my financials and some other paperwork to her to present to the embassy. She mentioned using a travel agency there and comming here as a regular tourist. She seems very honorable when we talk on the phone and remembers everything we have talked about. I guess I'm wondering if this is the way to go. Also are there any success stories?

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Pat.
NO, she does NOT have any chance to be granted a tourist visa, don't even try - it is a total scam. There are thousands of men been in this situation, everyone with the same result - money sent - girl disappeared. Don't be the one increasing the number of victims.
Mustafa Sasmaz's Message : Hello Sam,

Thanks for picking up a line from my message; 'courtesy'!. There is so much to talk about. My birth place is not far from Ukraine; I come from the Western Black Sea in Turkey. some of ther Ukranian towns are closer to my home town than, say, Kiev. But, there is the Black Sea in between.

Anyway, we must never forget that all the website featuring girls are in the bsuienss of making monies; big monies. I also feel, even those who seeminlgy projecting themselves to follow internet business ethics, I have massive doubts.

So, I cannot say for sure that the girls are too concerned with overall expectations of someone like me as they have their own 'worries', but I have learnt a lot by visiting different towns and meeting different people.

What I personally expect is this; after meeting a girl if there is no chemistry I just expect a civilized 'goodbye'!. Some girls use the occasion for 'skimming' that I do not like either.

I am going to travel to Ukraine soon, but this time I will try not to involoce any interpreter or any other 'parasites'!.

I can also see the difficulties for the girls; first they have very little exposure to multiculutral environment and, I feel, their worldview is governed by the post-commuinst - still secretive, new capitalist era; the pace of changes in all facets of life; economic, political and social is fast, therefore, could be confusing!. So, within this climate and circumstances they are also trying to 'secure' their own future as best a s possible!.

By no means the girls are gullible or just one sided!. I feel, the girls I have meet are extremely crafty and also 'good consumers'!

Sam, if you have the means; time and finances, I humbly suggest that go there and stay there a litte longer. What I say to person I am communicating with is this; I hate a restaurnt dating in the first meeting. for me, meeting on apark bench is by far most natural, sexy, sincere and at the same time intimade.



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Adam Adamus's Message : Yes, that's all shocking what you are writing here, but I'am afraid is true.

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Angelito garcia's Message : I am exchanging emails with a girl from Lugansk. She is 26. Her name is Natalia and stands 5 feet and six inches with brown hair (almost blonde) and green eyes and college educated. That is all I know about her. She wants to meet up with me either in Odessa or Kiev. She is willing to provide me with her personal information. She has not asked for money. Before I pay an agency $40 to get her personal information, I want to know if she is real or a just a scammer. Please help. I found her profile in Dream Marriage.

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Mustafa's Message : To Adam,I am sorry Adam, but, I do not know anything about this agency. Please note, try to be exteremely cautious about translation agencies, in fact any agency! With kind regards,


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sam ogilvie's Message : Hello Mustafa,

Thanks for your response, and the advice. Your experience in Ukraine, and your cultural perspective are valuable, and it's great that you are willing to share.
Interestingly, I have a customer, Mustafa Ozdemir, who emigrated from Turkey several years ago. He married Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's daughter and now lives happily in the mountains of North Carolina.
Take care, and best of luck in Ukraine. Oksana, thanks once again for allowing me to post here.
Sam Ogilvie

Suggestion/Answer : Sure, Sam.
My pleasure.
Looks like my article turned into chat here - never expected it!
Thank you all for postings, but, guys, i would really appreciate if you didn't advertise other agencies here :-) Unless you had some bad experience with someone - of course you are welcome to warn others.
But to do an advertisement here especially of my competitors - is not really a purpose of this article. Thank you for understanding, dear Gentlemen.
Scott's Message : Guys just remember one thing, a DOCTOR earns about $300 USD in Ukraine. So why are the girls on these websites? They get a "cut", a percentage for everything. We pay for "translation" they get a little for each letter. We send flowers, the girl gets a little money. Or maybe she request cash instead and no flowers are delivered, only a photo for us! I'm not saying it's bad, I'm not saying it's okay... just understand, for many of the women it's just "business". Are they actually interested in us...? Who is to say? There are honest girls out there. Somewhere.

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John Wilder's Message : I joined yesterday. I would consider myself attractive and I am young and succesful but fed up with UK females and thought about using a foreign dating agency. I found this site and after some browsing through search engines it seemed to be genuine enough. However, I have been thinking about how the site operates. We get to send a FREE email to the girl, who in turn replies and we then have to pay a fee to read it. What I first found odd was that the fee varies in cost! I gave every single one my msn address to add me straight away but none did. So I have now sussed it out, quite simply these girls receive a % of the "email" fee and can obviously ask for different rates. So you have to ask yourself, if they are REALLY looking for a guy then they would simply add you to MSN without the need to make money from it, they all say they have degrees and the photos all look too good to be true!

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Golden Kigolla's Message : I have read Mustafa's messages with great interest. First of all, you can tell that he is a gentleman who wouldn't badmouth someone simply because had a difference with. Few people have those values. Many men would be very bitter and rude to women whom things could not work out to their expectations. Secondly, I like his response to the person to talked about Rassians gils being prejudist. I am a black man myself, probably the least person valued by prejudists, but seconding Mustafa's responce I think that those people who are prejudists behaves that way out of ignorance. They may be well educated academically but some how lack some basic knowledge and information about how others are different from them. Therefore for this reason I don't blame them at all. I also don't believe that all Rassians are prejudists. I have seen some Rassian women being married to my fellow black country men here in Tanzania and they are living happily. To my oppinion, prejudice exists in all kind of races. It can be blacks against other races, Indians agaist other races etc. It all bows down to Ignorance. it is unfortunate that at this 21st century some are still hybenating those kind of feelings. A man or woman should valued according to his/her intellect and behaviour. Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to open a debate here but I thought it was a relevant issue to comment as it relates with the ralationship. Mr. Oskana please forgive if in any case I have miss used your lovely website. It is an interesting one. I hoe to communicate with you personally as I have an issue taht I would like to keep it behind the curtains.

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Andy Howells's Message : Hello to everyone using this forum and Thankyou to Oksana for freely providing it. Oh My God the Scamming issues can drive a man to despair. If you begin to communicate with a Lady and want to meet her, then book your flights and go !! If you are short of cash, forget it !! Lugansk is not cheap and the Lady will expect to be entertained. If you're looking for fast love, go to Amsterdam or the Far East. Lugansk Ladies are just that. They don't brawl in the streets, wear Tattoos, or drink Pints. They do look Super Sexy and they know what it takes to be a perfect Wife. Sometimes they might look a little sour-faced, but when they smile, it's a Smile you'll take to your grave. Their Love is pure like you cannot imagine. It's refreshing and commands respect. I will be visiting my Lady for the 7th time at Christmas. If anyone else from UK is reading this and is currently seeing a Babe in Lugansk, I would love to hear from you ( Good Luck and be prepared for a tough journey if you're just setting out. Andy.

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isaac pinkney's Message : i'm a black american and 48 years old with average looks, weight, income, etc - i want to know if most russian & ukraine girls are prejudice and if a younger girl would be interested in an older man because i want kids and it's not practical to ask a 48 year old woman to have kids - please be completely honest - i want the real truth - anyone can email me directly

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rod reese's Message : This has been a tremendously interesting read. Over the past year and a half I have received many contacts from Russian women whose emails to me are so strikingly similar I have dismissed them as scammers. I have also received many contacts from women I first contacted on many of these women claim in their profile they live somewhere in Europe and then it turns out they actually live in Africa(Ghana, sierra leone) where they are finishing school etc. its amazing how many of these women had parents who were killed in car wrecks, or have a mother receiving medical treatment she cannot afford. I am 57, can pass for younger and from a health and fitness perspective am much younger. I seek a younger woman, 40s or younger. I am Financially secure professional. Today I was contacted by “Natalia” from Lugansk. She is 27 and very attractive, works as a fitness instructor. Now I don’t know if she is “real.”

I have been to over 50 countries but not Ukraine. When I googled Lugansk, up came this site of useful information and stories. So what is a real way of contacting real/non-scammer beautiful woman from Lugansk??? Oksana-suggestions??? Anyone else??? Any success stories out there?

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Rod.
All women that i have in my database are true and real ladies looking for family and marriage. I have to tell you one thing, there is no women looking for serious relationships would want an age difference with man of 30 years. Normally women don't go higher then 15 - 18 years difference. So, if 27 year old girl start telling you in her third, forth letter that she is desperately in love with you - then you should drop that case right away.
Russians and Ukrainians are very preserved people and in most cases all their letters will be somewhat dry, not much passion or love. If there is too much passion is going on in letters with person you just start communicating, then you have to be very cautious.
If girl claims she can get a tourist visa to come to USA to meet you, but the only thing she needs is money for her passport, visa and tickets (she will be even "kind" enough to send you her travel - ticket itinerary) - that a DEFFINATE scam! Also no girl can get a tourist visa to come to USA, UNLESS! She is extremely wealthy, has extremely high paying job, expensive pieces of real estate, expensive cars, husband and kids and huge bank account with a lot of cash on it - well, then this type of girl can get a tourist visa. As American Embassy is looking for ties of person to her own country - things that would bring her back to her country. They don't want illegal's here in USA, so they make sure a person getting a tourist visa DOES have a lot let in her country that would bring her back.
So, overall, of course I would recommend you to take al look at women that we have in our catalogue and try to talk to them. i guarantee you will get true responses from real people and with their real feelings and most importantly NO SCAMS!
rod reese's Message : anyone heard of natalia nosova???

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Paul Sneddon's Message : Hello, I have been in contact with an online dating site named (not the same dream marriage I have been hearing bad reports about, that is I hope) and have been in contact with a 28 year old lady named Katerina from Lugansk.

First of all can you tell me anything about this site and its association with the agencies in Lugansk.

Secondly Katerina tells me she is very good friends with the local agency that she deals with, which did not really seem that important considering that she might be.

However what has made me a little suspicious is I decided to send her some roses using the website. Then a few days later she writes to me explaining that her mother just called in regards to the roses and she could not except them because she was at her grandmothers and asked if her mother could take them. When I said to Katerina that she would need to accept them and not her mother, she replied by saying that she was not in Lugansk but at her grandmothers place who lives out of town and she was going to Turkey the next day for a few days.

Since then I have had conversations with her and asked her when she would be back in Lugansk and her reply was that she didn't know and that I would be the first to know when she got back.

Can you help me out because I have heard so many bad stories about meeting Russian women online and really like this young lady, how can I test to see if she is leading me on before I spend my hard earned cash going to Lugansk to meet her (or may not meet her).

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Paul.
If she asks for her mother to accept flowers, then you can allow her but make sure that delivery agent checks for her mother ID, last name match is a must. Unless you don't know your lady's last name, then ID check would not make sense of course.
Ask an agency to provide you a copy of her ID, like local passport for verification purposes. Many agencies nowadays require a girl to submit at least one form of ID with her profile.
If previous doesn't work, then ask for her grandmother address and have flowers to be delivered there.
If none of above works, ask for her address in Turkey and order flowers to be delivered there with proof of delivery.
A plan of actions i would suggest for you:
1. background check and address validation.
2. Video conference with her (if she even exists) to validate her identity
3. Make phone calls to her at least one a week, talk to her and of course discuss what "she" had written to you in her previous letters. Be cautious but not pushy when asking questions, or mentioning data from her letters.
If your lady doesn't speak English, make sure you have an interpreter with you on the phone, but hire ONLY interpreter you trust and who you know FOR SURE will be working for YOU, not for a girl. Don't settle for her agency's interpreter, as if there is something fishy is going on then most likely an interpreter is the one who wrote you letters, so she would know exactly what she wrote to you...
Let me know if you have any more questions and I will be glad to assist you.

Alessandro martinelli's Message : Well im an italian guy wanting to talk once again of the so popular(as it seems like) Oksana Niklyudova of Lugansk known or better contacted by means anastasia international.
Since the first letter i brought her ( or the traslator or who i don't know writing letters)to a close saying i wan not going to write one hundred letters.
I Wrote 10 letters scheduling a strategy to see if she was really interested as it seems like being from letter.
I asked her if i could write her a paper letter, and she gave me personal adress( of her parents in a little place in the district of lugansk) but strangely she forgot to give me the preciousest information: the surname that made me too much suspicious, info that i asked again in a second letter and she gave me saig me she forgot it absurdely she forgot the main information but what i could fo with an adress without her surname...?
The second thing that made me awaring of a kind of fraud is when i asked her to meeting to each other in kjiev; she gave me a justification telling me she was too busy with the job at hospital, the travel was too expensive and lonely way is asking some free days her superior to attend a medical conference in kjev, but at the end she said that better would have been me finding her in summer in Lugansk.
Another huge reason of doubting about her is when she told me she perhaps might be cancel her profile from anastasia international, so beacause she did not want to loose my dates, she asked me to call agency to exchange them to each other.
I said her that i could not be sure of speaking her such a way because i would not see her but i would have just talked to a trasnlator without seeing her; and in a previous letter she denied at all the chance of she giving her phone why should have i called her; what kind of information should she give me: phone was not possible...
It's bet that if i call agency she would say (the poor) she has neither a pc or she is too engaged to communicate by email even via internet coffea).
I t s definitely clear her fraud when i see her pics in another two sites and dreammarriage( right name it s only for dreaming man).
I got surprised by reading of men sending her form 40 until 100 letters.
Fortunately im a down on earth man, and the lonely way to contact her to verify her loyalty is to write a real paper letter in english and sending it to her parents adress in chernuhino; she said if she cancel herself from the site she has an electronic translator so nothing would change.
i said her even a thing that i think
striked her; i have an ucranian male friend of kharkov who could trasnlate and write letters in ucranian and from it, so giving a chance of completely bypassing the agency
But she remain mute to the front of this chance and thge last letter seem like it s completely different form the previous ten sticking to trotting out platitudes like wheather or speachs with her sister until night late, avoiding completely the answers of my questions.
So i stopped my self to wrtie her until she writes me again.
Then i will show all i know about her and her lies
Thank you all of you for your witnesses.
My email if somebody of us wants to exchange any info about her is

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Hugh Toulson's Message : Hello people. Does anybody have or had any dealing with the British Embassy in Kiev ? i am a UK citizen trying to obtain. for my Ukrainian girlfriend a Tourist Visa so she can vist me here in the UK this year. The Visa UK on line application system does not allow you to book a interview appointment at the end of the forms and also the Embassy does not even answer the phone! i have now even got my local politican involved 'it's a joke!!! so i would be most grateful for any advise it looks like i might need a Visa lawyer i have found one in London and cost about £500! goodluck to everybody in they search for happiness.

Suggestion/Answer :
ray van's Message : hi guys well my story is with anna petrenko from lugansk, ukraine..
at the begining she was nice , send me nice pictures of her and her son. she is very beautiful but i had some doubts because she told me she does not have a phone to contact her, ans she is using a agency called marriage club, which does not have a web site , she did not ask me for money yet .but she was very suspicious, so guys becareful with this girl

Suggestion/Answer :
Randy Christensen's Message : Hello this note is to let Hugh Toulson's know he is not the only one that is writing and helping Margaryta Shuyska
kv. Druzhba 2/85
Lugansk 91040
phone+38 050 6327353 is this the same lady you are trying to get a visa for. if so save your money. She has a daughter named anna about 12 years old. Save your money buddy she will take you for a ride and then disappear. email me at My name is Randy and experience is talking.

Suggestion/Answer :
Hugh Toulson's Message : Thanks very much randy for the notice !
just come back from Kiev last week
had a nice time with margaryta ! i personally don't take this scamming to
serious ! sure she writes to other men
and ask for help most of these girls have nothing ! i have met her eight times and she definately wants to come to the UK ! I don't own her and sure i told her off because she is upsetting the good men of America ! anyway got a nice long kiss "Thats my kind of scam"
so boys don't believe all what you read !most of these girls are ok just need to be told what's right and wrong, to them in Russian culture it's not a crime to ask for money! but it is a crime if you are e-mailing a hairy Boris that's different ! these of course are only my views! and i am meeting Margo again in september and she hasn't disapeared yet (smile) but if she does then no problem ! plenty of fish in the sea !
Hugh Toulson. Kiev The River place or called River Boat is a great night out ! the girls are lovely !

Suggestion/Answer :
Andrew Fox's Message : Response to Ray Van's message about Anna Petrenko of Lugansk, Ukraine. You are not the only one writing to her, I have been writing for 2 years and have visited her twice. Even now, I find that it's all very suspicious as she would not give her phone number to me either, though we talked via Skype. I have sent her a lot of money to support her and her son but I never met him. To be honest, I do not know what to make of this girl and if she is for real. She never told me she was writing to anyone else, so I would like to know if there are any more out there ? Her e-mail address is As for her agency - 'Marriage Club' is just run by Victoria Voronkova and there is no website. I don't know anything much about them at all other than they put me in an apartment in Lugansk and gave me translation service and car transportation.

Suggestion/Answer :
ray's Message : hey andrew fox i think she played with you..let me give u my email that way i can tell u more details how you can know if she is real or not

Suggestion/Answer :
M, Bussier's Message : I met a girl from Lugansk,she was on Ukrainedate,we wrote for 4 or so months,she did give me her phone# and weve been talking and e-mailing ever since,so finally I decided to help her come here,she went to a travel agent ( work very hard to save up the money for her to come,Veronika from tournika,said I have a another girl to my girl that will switch her visa(brides) and put it in Yana name? Yana told me she seen her do this with her own eyes,also I was told that the US enbassy their said Yana also has to have at least $100 per day spending money to show she can support herself while here?so I sent her $500 more ontop of $850 for round trip ticket to come here,Well the day Yana was to arrive,I waited 8hrs at JFK two different flights and NO Yana!!so I left and a few days later Yana write and tells me they wouldnt let her on the flight because they had her name on registered?so Im feeling that this agency has a few crooks or scams going?or who is involed or exsist at all?Y ana is a real Beatiful lady and she is upset im going after Veronika and agency and have told them I wanted this fixed or I will go to media!!I wrote Veronika twice and NO reply?No one will help me find out if they are real?Is this a scam?and what schould I do?can you,Thanks Michael

Suggestion/Answer : My Gosh, Michael!
Including "your lady' and "the agency". Guys, please DO NOT beleive girls when they are saying they can get a touris visa and come to USA. IT IS NOT happening - as US embassy would NOT issue them touris visas in 99.99% of the cases. ONLY girls who are married, have kids, making a LOT of money oficcially, have high value properties and cars, etc - only those type of people ca get touris or bsiness visa to USA.
So, just stop sending them money for airline tickets, visas costs - as there is no single, poor, beautiful girl would ever be issued a tourist US visa.
Steven Matsushita's Message : Hi Oksana! thank you very much for this space you have created!
My question is: does any body know about an agency in Lugansk called: Donbassprincess? they claim to be an agency but don't even have a website. any body knows anything about this suspicious agency?

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Ted's Message : Wow! I have been searching for information on Oksana, aka (Oksana Niklyudova--just learned her last name). I met her nearly 5 months ago on's website and have been wondering how sincere she is? Now I find out she has been meeting, writing, seeing guys for going on 4 years, yet she comes off as being serious about getting married---Hmmmmm, really--it sounds like she is probably making a nice stipend on the side. Can I please get any inside information on her from you guys--my e-mail is because I do not want to go to the Ukraine to be duped.



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Scott's Message : Okay boys, here it goes.... according to the information I have susssed out, Oksana Niklyudova has and has had a Ukrainian boyfriend, with whom she attended Med School, for the past several years. At least as long ago as my visit. I forget his name at the moment, and no longer care enough to refer back to the information I received. So... "buyer beware".

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Mustafa's Message : Hello Scott, So, in the end you resigned to the fact that Oksana Niklyudova is a one of the craftiest women in websites; several of them, that she uses the internt medium to her advantage with extreme efficiency!. She gets help (money from one of the contibutor stated above) with her language, as if she needed, she gets gifts and so on!. You know earlier in your message you sounded positive about her!. That was a suprise for me!. I tell you this. I decided to meet her. And the reason for that was that in of her leter she wrote me that my silence was killing her!. So that was enough for me whsich triggered my intention to go and meet her. But, as our eyes met as the door opened, I felt straightaway she was hiding something!. And I spent three evenings in Lugansk with her.. Two things were so obvious; discourtous manners and her interest in picking the prawns from the meal that we were served. I reprimanded her for that but she did not care and then I realized that I should behave in streetwise manner to beat her in her own game!. When I played a little hardball game, she understood that I was a t the same wavelenght with her, then to be honest my attention is only turned to her flesh as mind and inner self qualities I felt that were not there! It is a pitty that some people go extra lenght to pay for some expenses like language classes. That's wrong!. She probably share the proceeds with her boyfriend!. Take care, Mustafa

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Roberto Cabrero's Message : Hello Oksana !!! im glad to find out this page... and well as i see theres many many people who is searching for love in internet, then i have been looking around and i really would like to go ukraine, then so i have been searching for a nice girl so i have recieve many many letters of women who i dont know how do they get my email as well as not to all ladys i give it... well after several mails one of the girls told me she was using a translation service company then so she send me details about it... those are this ones... Company: "Fast Connection" Adress: Sovetskaya 75 Office 5 Lugansk Tel... 80938776426 ... also i have this other Address: Pyaterkina 8 Lugansk 9100 and a name of the director of this company .. Sofia Pershina .... also ive investigate this other details... Name Vyacheslav Telyatskiy adress: Demehina 22 Lugansk .... this last one its suposse for buying presents for the girls... well Oksana as you see i have been investigating about this details... but i dont know if this are real if this agency is real and if they really are a serious company in what they do ... as well as i have intentions to travel ukraine not just for meet with one of this girls but to go as tourist its a really beautifull country .... so i will be happy if you could orient me about this and if you can investigate as well as i know theres many people who are being scammed and also maybe it can be real to find a girl in this way ... have a nice day .. Roberto ... this is my email.. =)

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Mr B D's Message : Why don't these men ever use there heads.
If a girl your going out on a date with turns up with a man she says is her brother or cousin then just walk away because there's more than enough girls in this city. She says here's my girlfriend, brother. Most ,of the time it's a lie and fat one.
If you take a girl out, just the two of you. 3 is a crowd. Don't fall for this because if you do you will aways fall victim and the one about the mobile. I don't have one.
Why don't you call my mobile because I know all the tricks after travelling to Russia 16 times, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Yoshkar-Ola the capital scam city.
Why don't you call me I'll tell you more. 00447969409513.

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John's Message : Hi Chaps,

I have also been writing to Miss Oksana Niklyudova. We have corresponded for almost three years and have written over 120 letters between us. I would have visited her a long time ago in Lugansk if it were not for my health problem. About a year ago we spoke on the telephone (she wanted my phone number and address, she said she may be moving to another city and that she did not want to lose contact with me), since then her letters have been much less detailed - she now says very little of any substance.

Since finding this page last year, I have come to seriously doubt the honesty of this lady. Travelling to Lugansk would be a huge effort for me and I do not want to go if it has all been just a charade. It is a real shame, because I really thought we had a connection - but I guess I'm just another sucker? I don't know whether to stop communicating with her not. It would be easy to stop, if we had not already been in contact for so long. I used to enjoy our communication, but recently I get the impression that she is just writing so that I reply and generate her some income.

So, should I stop writing to her and cut my loses or would I be throwing away a possible future? From reading the previous two posts (above), it should be pretty obvious what I should do. I guess I just need the final push, there are millions of other ladies out there. What do you guys think?


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Hugh Toulson 's Message : Hello Oxsana.
I am marrying Margaryta this October in Lugansk,as a Uk citizen do i need any special documents for the wedding ? i have contacted the Ukrainian Embassy in London but have not received any reply to my inquiry ? Margaryta is also making a inquiry at Lugansk town hall. I would be grateful for anyones input. many thanks Hugh.

Suggestion/Answer : Hello, Hugh. For marriage in Ukraine you need an "affidavit that you are free of marriage", you can get it from your local city hall. That affidavit will need to be translated an apostilled.
Chris's Message : Does anyone know how to contact this Oksana Niklyudova girl. I am dying to see a picture of the girl that scammed you all! Thanks
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