Ask me out
What is "Ask me out" service and who is it for?

Our agency gives you an incredible opportunity to arrange a personal date with any woman of our catalog directly with that woman and without agency's involvement.

The way is works:
1. You are submitting a financial offer to a lady of your interest by following a link (button) "Ask Me Out" in any lady's profile.
2. After woman received your offer, she has to take one of 3 actions:

Why do we think that you should offer woman money?
1. As much as we want to believe that beauty comes to us naturally and that we are all so beautiful naturally, The reality is: It does cost us money to look as sexy and as appealing as we are for you. So, in order for a woman to look beautiful for you and show up beautiful for your date with her, she will carry some financial expenses such as: getting her hair done - hairdresser, getting her makeup done: make up expenses or even cosmetologist, choosing right dress and outfit: dress, shoes, accessories.

2. And how about women with child or kids? If she is a single mom, she will need to hire a babysitter, so she could leave her child with professional in order to be able relax for your worry free date.

3. And what about woman, who has 2-3 jobs and has no time to get away on a date. She would need to pay someone to cover her at workplace, to replace her for those few hours, so she could get away and spend that time with you, or otherwise she would be making money at her work, so for a person with this issue - she is loosing her pay time and devoting it to you instead. What a better gift any woman can give a man, as not her time.

4. Or how about a girl who simply doesn't even have funds to fill up her car with gas, so she could drive anywhere and be able to even get to a place of your date?

Here is the piece of reality. It is very hard for any foreign person to establish their life in new country. Just think about it: a newly arrived person who got to this country, without friends and family has to go through such dramatic changes as changing her life completely: new culture, new language, new lifestyle, everything new and different from what she got used to in her country and plus finding a job here where nobody knows her and she doesn't have any work history in new country, getting driver license, place to live and funds to survive. Just imagine yourself at her place, imagine if you were to move to Russia, without any help or assistance and find your way in a new country, creating new life for yourself without language knowledge, but operating on pretty much pure enthusiasm and running on fumes of dreams and believe in yourself. This is what every woman is going through when she comes to a new country, learning her first words, fist steps, learning to crawl and then walk, it is like raising yourself from a baby stage to a complete person stage.
That's why many women who nearly arrived her have 2-3 jobs, low paying jobs, this is how they start. But hey, nobody said that it will be easy, and they are learning it through their experience. But, trust me, a woman who goes through this changes in her life, is a guaranteed a very strong spirited woman and strong willed person, not many things could break her in the future.

And here is a question for you.
Tell me, what type of woman are looking for?
Many of my clients indicated that they are looking for a unique, traditional, no drama and strong spirited woman. Does it sound like you too? Are you also looking for a unique and traditional woman?
If so, then let's go back to old times and remember how we were created. Let's remember a man's role in this world and woman's role. Let's remember traditions and the way were designed.
Man's role was: Support his woman, Take care of his woman, Take care of family, Provide for his woman and family, Protect his woman and family.
Woman's role was: Take care of home, keep it clean taken care of, Take care of her man, make his relax and happy, Take care of his stomach and to make sure he is well-fed :-), Take care of her children.
So, if you are looking for a woman with great traditional values, then you GOT to understand the foundation of such a relationship.

What are you going to accomplish by submitting a Date offer.
1. You are going to help some individual who might be in a great need of your help right this moment.
2. You are creating a worry free and great dating experience for you and your potential woman of your life.
3. You are showing your potential woman of your life that you ate THAT man who could totally rely on, a man who understands traditions, a man who appreciate and values her time.

Is this an ESCORT?
The answer is simple: NO. This is not an escort and woman are not obligated to have or provide any sexual pleasures to you. So, if this is the main goal you are trying to achieve with this service, then you need to look somewhere else.
Women are agreeing to go out with you with the purpose of introducing themselves and giving you a chance to introduce yourself with a purpose of creating a fantastic, long lasting relationship leading to marriage.

Things to keep in mind.
By submitting a date offer, you are actually asking a woman out on a real date. This service is not the way of just getting contact information of a woman and keeping phone or e-mail dates, although you will receive contact information of a woman, but, please, keep in mind that woman is agreeing to go on a DATE with you, but not to spend countless hours on the phone or e-mail communication. So, by submitting your offer, have a date in mind when you want to meet this woman in person, and this date should not more than 2 weeks from the point of final date agreement.

What if you received a counter offer?
If you received a counter offer from a woman with increased funding request, don't get discouraged. A counter offer is a way of a woman showing that she might carry higher expenses should she devote several hours of her time for a date. Maybe the original offer you submitted is not enough for her to pay to babysitter, or maybe she needs to pay someone to replace her at her work, or maybe she simply losing her paid hours at her work and otherwise she would be able to make money at her job should she spend that time at her workplace.
So, if you receive a counter offer, try to understand these points. So, you could make a wise decision whether agree to her pricing, submit a counter offer back or decline it. If you decline her offer, a full amount you originally paid will be refunded to your agency account.
When receiving a counter offer you can:
Accept it
Do a counter offer yourself, by adjusting a pricing
Decline it

Timelines for response and refunds.

Woman has 5 days to reply your original offer. If she doesn't take any actions - you are getting a full refund to your agency account and you can resubmit your offer for her again, or submit an offer for someone else.

After offer had been agreed on and if you didn't show up for actual real date within 2 weeks, the order is considered fulfilled and no refunds are initiated.

If after date offer was agreed on and you started communicating with the woman and found that you are not a good match, and you don't want to pursue with meeting this woman in person - these is no refunds initiated in this circumstance.

You have to understand that "A Date offer" is a way to get woman's contact details and start communication without an agency's assistance, so whatever disappointments you experience (if such occurs), that is a risk you are taking.

If your refund is valid (within the 2 weeks of the offer being accepted) you will be issued a refund to your agency's account. We do not issue refunds to the credit card, but only to the agency account, all sales are final, but you can use your agency credit to resubmit your offer to the same woman or any other woman of your interest.

No refunds will be initiated if date offer is older than 2 weeks, as the funds already are allocated to the lady's account and are paid out to the addressee.

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